We cannot spend every moment fully aware of what our bodies need — but we can and should stop to appreciate all that our bodies are doing for us!

Myrlia Purcell

Myrlia loves dancing, laughing and a good cup of tea. But the thing that makes her happiest of all is helping others find their own joy. To that end, Myrlia and her husband, Steve, created LookToTheStars.org, a website full of uplifting celebrity news, where fans can be inspired to find new ways to make a difference. Though most of her time is spent running LookToTheStars.org and chasing her two young girls around the garden, Myrlia also enjoys writing children's books and posting her 'Tips for a happy time on Earth' at JoyGeneration.com. In 2013, Myrlia was named one of America's Top 20 Women in Philanthropy.

For more information, please visit looktothestars.org.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?