We were born perfect, if only for the simple fact that we can change ourselves within the blink of an eye – simply by altering our thoughts and our energy. You can’t get more perfect than that.
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Jeffrey Marks

Jeffrey A. Marks is a spiritual medium and researcher, paranormal investigator, and a dynamic educator and speaker on spiritual potential. Jeffrey's first book, Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality, won the 2012 Nautilus Silver Book Award in Science & Cosmology, and was a silver finalist for the 2012 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award in Body, Mind & Spirit. His writing explores new territory by including a left-brained approach to an examination of right-brained themes of metaphysics, higher mind potential, spirit communication, the nature of the afterlife, and paranormal phenomena -- while using the lenses of both science and spirituality to understand the fullness of the human experience.

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What Do You Think?