Whatever you think you are, you are more than that.

Matthew James

Matthew B. James, Ph.D., international trainer, lecturer, and educator, embodies the principles he teaches. While devoting himself to his integrity, Dr. James has built an international firm dedicated to personal transformation and heads a university which provides in-depth education in consciousness studies. Throughout his work, Dr. James weaves effective modern technologies with timeless ancient wisdom.

Dr. James has been immersed in spiritual studies and the science of human potential since the age of five. He began his training in childhood, learning meditation and siddha yoga directly from such teachers as Baba Muktananda, as well as studying Huna, the primordial science of consciousness of Hawaii, from Uncle George Na'ope. In the '80's, Dr. James studied directly with several well-known teachers in the human potential movement, including Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler. In the last fifteen years, Dr. James has become the Trainer of Trainers himself.

Dr. James is President of American Pacific University, which offers degrees in esoteric studies, as well as in clinical therapeutic disciplines. He is also President of Empowerment Partnership, a firm that delivers transformational seminars and intensive trainings throughout the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

Most importantly, Dr. James has the honor and responsibility of carrying on the lineage of Kuauhaoali'i Huna. He has been a student of Huna, the ancient science of consciousness and energy healing of Hawaii, since 1990. The lineage Dr James continues includes the Bray family and Uncle George Na'ope (named by the State of Hawaii as a Golden Living Treasure). Dr. James is committed to teaching the Huna tradition, fully and undiluted, to as many students as are called to it.

Dr. James's degrees include an MA in Organizational Management, a DHC in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a Ph.D. in Health Psychology.

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