Whatever your circumstances, never underestimate your ability to impact others.

Aly and Andrea

As identical twins, Aly & Andrea have spent a lifetime learning to not only survive adversity, but to thrive in it. They faced challenges such as their own premature birth, visual impairment (blindness), poverty, rejection, and even cancer– all in the name of experiencing victories like becoming World Champion and All-American athletes and coaches, corporate spokesperson and commercial actress, international business owner, author, speakers, Olympic Torch bearer, cancer survivor, and the coolest moms ever. Today, they work together with their company, Rock Star U, to help others find personal growth and fulfillment by using their own gifts and talents (their “Rock Star Qualities”) to shape their World Tours of Success. Aly and Andrea have spoken to thousands and are known as “The coolest motivational speakers EVER.” Connect with Aly and Andrea by finding them on Twitter @alyandrea or on Facebook at facebook.com/alyandrea. Be sure to check out their blog at alyandandrea.com!

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?