When you can laugh at your own foolishness without feeling embarrassed, it empties your vessel of ego and many forms of ego.
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Bobby Bansal

Born in India, Bobby migrated to Canada in 1993 with big dreams to succeed using his Engineering degree. Bobby started his Canadian Career pumping gas at a full service gas station for five dollars an hour in Toronto, Canada.

With perseverance and vision, Bobby managed to succeed, working for various organizations in Canada and the USA. He also acquired a master's degree in business (MBA) in the USA.

Starting in 2007, Bobby suffered numerous personal losses and struggled for a long time. Writing became a way for Bobby to heal and stay positive through life changing events. He took a spiritual path to heal and find answers to life, which has become the foundation for his writing and speaking.

His first book, "Bouquet of life - A drop from the ocean of divinely guided poems" illuminates his realizations that spring forth like a fountain of love, offering and teaching others the power of love to heal. This book of poetry is Bobby's journey of transformation from anger, pain, hatred, revenge, resentment and feelings of worthlessness to forgiveness, gratitude, peace and love. It is his story of recovery, empowerment, beginning of life purpose and freedom from the chains of limited beliefs, self- serving systems, and dogmas of life. Bobby believes this book can help others find their identity and heal their life.

As a speaker, Bobby has purposefully engaged with audience, both large and small at numerous events. Bobby serves as an inspiration to many. He passionately shares his learning with others. Bobby was also, a finalist for the position of Poet Laureate for city of Windsor in 2011. 

For more information, please visit BobbyBansal.com.

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What Do You Think?