When you hit the bottom in life, you have two choices: splatter or bounce. You can give up and accept defeat, or get up and make the most of a second chance. Choose to bounce.

Tim Hutchinson

Tim Hutchinson is the author of Painful Secrets, a soul-bearing account of his troubled youth and ongoing desire and challenges for change. Bullied as a child and raised in an abusive household, he quickly turned to violence—the only coping tool he understood. Always wanting a different life but not knowing how to get it,Hutchinson continued a life of crime well into his 20s and became involved in things like kidnapping, assault, drug dealing, and attempted murder. 

Eventually, with the love and acceptance he found through his wife, Jennifer – and guidance from a mentor who had survived an extended encounter with Hitler—Hutchinson turned his life around, survived a life-threatening illness and learned to advocate within the system to get what he needed. Now a devoted husband and family man, Hutchinson shares his experiences and life lessons to help others lift themselves up from the devastation of similar circumstances.

Hutchinson spent more than a decade speaking to teens, parents and educators across the country about bullying and the cycle of violence – and how to stop them. Because of his powerful message of hope and extending his hand to help, he has been credited with stopping four school shootings and preventing more than fifty teen suicides. 

Hutchinson now shares free copies of Bully Proof, an eBook that details the techniques for dealing with bullies that he taught in his workshops and presentations. Bully Proof is appropriate for teens, parents and educators who need help and guidance to stop the bullying and prevent teen violence. Bully Proof is available at thebullydoctor.org.

For more information, please visit thebullydoctor.org.

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