While you may find yourself immersed in the shadow side of love at times, divine love is always available to help find your way in any relationship, whether it’s with your self or with others.
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Paul Helfrich

PAUL M. HELFRICH, Ph.D., has spent the past three decades exploring multidisciplinary approaches as an educator, researcher, webmaster, composer, writer, and lecturer. He earned his graduate degrees in music composition from Temple University (1985), where he composed classical music and taught music theory, history, and composition. His love of science and technology led him to Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute Science Museum, where he developed major hands-on state-of-the-art science exhibits including What Makes Music? (1987), visited by over two million people in the U.S. and Canada. He spearheaded the formation of The Science Learning Network (1994), a national program promoting virtual community-building among leading science museums and K-8 schools worldwide. His Mindscapes music CD (2003) is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and CDBaby. His interest in Integral Psychology led him to earn a Level III Spiral Dynamics certification (2003) and Integral Certificate from Fielding Graduate University (2007). Helfrich has authored essays, presented workshops, and lectured nationally on the Seth Material, the channeling phenomenon, and Integral Psychology. He has written his first book Seth: The Ultimate Guide (2011), and is the co-owner of NewWorldView, a provider of educational media and programs that artfully help you realize your unique purpose in life—the source of your greatest fulfillment and creativity.   Contact Paul: Mailing Address: Paul M. Helfrich, 31250 Lakehills Road, Castaic, CA 91384-2532. E-mail: helfrich@newworldview.com Phone: 661-257-6100 www.paulhelfrich.com www.newworldview.com Twitter: twitter.com/paulhelfrich/ Facebook: on.fb.me/mSA2Q0

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What Do You Think?