YOU are the CEO of your life. Decide to live it well, every day: there are no do-over’s.

Tony Whatley

I feel fortunate to have had great success in my professional pursuits. As President and CEO, of Accessor Capital Management, a mutual fund in Seattle, WA, I led the company to national recognition as the Lipper Award recipient in 2007 for best Mutual Fund Family. I was fortunate to reap the benefits of a physically active lifestyle in handball, crossfit gym, golf course, tennis court and even a boxing gym. Besides the benefit of good health, I strongly believe they enhanced my friendships which were developed through a fit lifestyle and the socialization of being active. Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, my lifestyle has facilitated me to enjoy the great outdoors up close & personally, including reaching the 14,000ft summit of Mt. Rainier multiple times.

Even during my CEO days, no matter how long much time spent at the office, I knew it was important to make time for physical health. It was enjoyable and enabled me to be a better husband, father, CEO, etc.

Since selling my company in 2008, I've pursued other passions, including writing a book, Inspire Your FitBehavior. My motivation stemmed from a core belief that observing successful models and altering my own actions accordingly can create results that enable me to make a positive impact on humanity, inspiring others to improve their health.

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What Do You Think?