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Darryl Easterling

A South Carolina native from the town of Cheraw, Darryl is the epitome of a trailblazer. Being from a small town didn’t limit his dream to be successful. After high school, he packed his bags with little money and went after his dreams. With 10 years in the business under his belt and formally the A&R consultant to music icon Teddy Riley, the singer/songwriter/vocal arranger and consultant has worked and developed a plethora of artists. His credits include Dru Hill, Jazze Pha, Devyne Stephens, Mario, T-Boz, Ice Cube, Montell Jordan just to name a few. 

Proving to be well rounded and diverse, Darryl has developed several businesses and has graced numerous panels. The entrepreneur, investor, mentor and speaker delivers motivational messages that are powerful and thought provoking. Staying “hot, humble and hungry” is one phrase he lives by and encourages others to keep those three words in mind. He is the CEO and President of M&T A&R Consulting, one of the top A&R consulting companies in the business working with both independent and major artists. Mr. Easterling believes that the key to receiving is to first give and started TDW 101, a weekly class educating those wanting to be successful in the business of entertainment. 

Being a successful business man, Darryl has invested in multiple companies and spends a lot of his time developing and enhancing new business ventures. He encourages and teaches others the importance of having multiple streams of income and the importance of pushing yourself to the limit. Mr. Easterling now resides with his wife and family in Atlanta.

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What Do You Think?