Your first youth is a gift from Nature. Your lifelong youth is a gift from yourself!

Hattie Retroage

As Regis said... "There goes Hattie, an inspiration for all of America!"

For over 3 decades, Hattie has been sharing her anti-aging secrets to women and men of all ages both in America and internationally. A fit, vibrant senior, she teaches audiences that anyone can overcome the downsides of aging and experience becoming older as a life-affirming adventure.

Hattie began her dance and exercise career as an Adjunct Professor at Pembroke/Brown University. Following that, for 25 years, she taught dance and exercise at her Manhattan-based School for Creative Movement before becoming a Movement Therapist. She is a frequent traveler to the Caribbean islands of Tortola, Anguilla and Trinidad, where she created government-sponsored holistic health projects.

Former dancer, beauty queen and model, her unique take on Anti-Aging has inspired men and women to develop self-esteem, vitality and sexuality. She co-wrote two books with best-selling author Sallie Batson, RetroAge: 4 Steps To a Younger YOU! and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Looking & Feeling Younger.

As Hattie shares her life-transforming insights with grace and gratitude, individuals of all ages are blessed with renewed optimism and joy.

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What Do You Think?