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Feeling Creatures Who Think

Last week I shared Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's TEDx Talk with you and the idea that choosing to stay angry affects both your body and your mind. This week I'd like to share another powerful concept that Dr. Jill makes: that we are feeling creatures who think. We are not thinking people who feel, yet this is what our society believes and values – which is at the heart of many of our issues. Here is the science and biology behind it. Our limbic system is constantly asking, “Am I safe?” If things feel familiar to our limbic system, then we feel calm and safe. The system…

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New Countertops

Creating the Masterpiece of What Might Be

For the last few months I haven’t blogged much, as I’ve been physically working at our new home in Glacier National Park. We’ve been working to complete the construction of our dream - a gorgeous home in the mountains. I take great pride in what we’re creating here... sometime a bit too much. I’m writing today to share a learning experience I had this week, from behavior that I’m not proud of. Our current project is the creation of original concrete/painted/epoxy countertops for our kitchen. I learned a lesson this week from a super sweet 11 year-old girl, named Lexi.…

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Ask a Luminary

What Is Our Collective Purpose?

"I feel like most of the people I know are struggling to find their purpose in life. What do you think is our collective 'soul's mission' in our world right now?" ~ Arie, Toronto, ON I believe that as we come into this new era, we are all being called to truly live in our “real truths”, which is that we are all divine light here to be love, to unite and to help each other learn and grow in our soul’s progressions here on earth. We are being called to be peaceful warriors and to light the way so…

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Friendly Reminders from a Montana Huckleberry Patch

Living in Montana definitely has its perks- especially this time of the year- during huckleberry season. A few days ago, my son, his girlfriend and I went into the mountains of Montana in search of huckleberries. We drove for a few miles up a dusty, dirt road, then parked the car and hiked into the woods. For those not familiar with huckleberries, they grow on bushes usually not more than 18" off the ground and produce a somewhat tart berry, most closely resembling a blueberry. As usual, I couldn't help but relate this experience- in this case berry picking- to…

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Ask + Connect + Collaborate = Success!

We live in exciting times. Over the last couple of decades, we've shifted from "me" to "we". Competition has been replaced by connection and collaboration. Gone are the days when winning was the most important thing. In today's global economy, we've evolved from the experiences of our past and are now looking for something deeper, something more sustainable and something more meaningful. Being authentic, building trust and sharing resources to create situations where everyone wins far exceeds the "me, me, me" philosophy that was dominant in the 80's and 90's. This past week I had the perfect tangible example of…

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