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“I feel like most of the people I know are struggling to find their purpose in life. What do you think is our collective ‘soul’s mission’ in our world right now?” ~ Arie, Toronto, ON

I believe that as we come into this new era, we are all being called to truly live in our “real truths”, which is that we are all divine light here to be love, to unite and to help each other learn and grow in our soul’s progressions here on earth.

We are being called to be peaceful warriors and to light the way so that we can inspire and encourage others to feel safe to shine their lights. You will find that before the 21st century, we always struggled with competitiveness and never understood why we all just cannot live in peace and love each other for who we all are.

This era is about standing together and sharing the limelight as a global team and to teach that we are all connected to the divine. We as humans need to stop fighting about who is right and who is wrong (war) and to be done with anything in this earth world that separates us from one another.

We live in a world with many truths, not just one truth, and we need to stand up and say no more to killing each other and our earth. We need to share with the world that it is safe to talk over the fence and not have to rip it down. I always say that we need to run towards anything that unites us and be wary of anything that singles us out as being less than or more than someone else.

Love, be love and unite!

Lots of love and hugs,

Tara Taylor

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Tara Taylor is an internationally known intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and HayHouse author. She has been featured internationally in newspapers, radio and television, and has helped many people through her workshops, seminars, and public speaking on understanding the ego and intuition.

Tara is one of the contributing authors to the Amazon bestseller, Manifesting Success: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams and co-author of HayHouse Publishing’s first YA series, Through Indigo’s Eyes and Becoming Indigo. (Both books are International Amazon Best Sellers.)

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