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How Do I Find My Purpose?

"How can you begin to uncover your life purpose?" ~ Karrin, Milton Keynes Our life purpose is at the core of who we are and many times it manifests itself in places that we least expect. Let me share three places to help you begin to examine, learn, and potentially uncover your life purpose. 1. Peak Experience: Consider your peak experience in life so far. What took place? What were you doing? Who were you being? What made it a peak experience for you? In this experience, signs of your life purpose may exist. Get curious about what happened. What…

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Finding Inspiration in Shingles

By B. Lynn Goodwin. For a week, I had aches and pains in my left thigh, glute, and rib cage. When my body started itching and burning, I scratched until I had red marks across my skin. I ached, and my thigh and midriff burned. When the pain flared, I screamed, a blurt of a sound that I produced without warning. Eventually I called Kaiser’s advice nurse. I told her I was taking my fibromyalgia meds as prescribed, and she referred me to a doctor who suggested increasing those meds. I did so, and in less than 24 hours, a…

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Finding Love Over 60

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Recently I texted my husband, "From WIFE 22: List 5 positive things about spouse..." I should explain that WIFE 22 is a book about a couple, who grew distant after 20 years. The book shows a middle-aged wife discovering who she is and what she wants out of  life as a participant in an anonymous survey about relationships. The book and its survey fascinated me, even though my husband and I only been married 5 months, so I texted him one of the questions that I could easily lift out of context. My silver-tongued husband wrote…

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