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3 Ideas to Foster Massive Life Change

I once heard someone say, “God has more planned for you than you could ever imagine for yourself.” While I didn’t understand it at the time, fifteen years later I certainly do. Whether God, Buddha, Allah or the Universe, I’m here to tell you that this statement holds true, I’ve experienced it firsthand. My greatest passion is helping people understand their true power and potential and how to use it for good. So my words of wisdom are simple but life-changing: Create a dream journal and fill it with everything you have ever desired, expect great things to happen in…

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Bouncing with Style: Feelings are Not Truths

One of the fun parts of keeping a journal is you can look back and reflect, sure, but you can also look back and laugh. When I was in the death throes of my marriage, counseling that I thought was to save our marriage after my husband’s latest affair and he thought was the way to get out of our marriage, I journaled a lot. Now, years later, with two active voracious readers underfoot in elementary school, I thought I better check out these journals in case my kids open them. Boy! If flames could have leapt from the pages…

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Tips to Stay Calm, Focused and Positive

By Tara Taylor. During full moon cycles we can feel like nothing is aligning; things are not going as "planned" or how we want them to. I always say that patience and persistence is key and that it always makes sense “why” later when things are in a standstill and once the standstill is over, we are always grateful for the standstill. Here are 3 tips to stay calm, focused and positive: 1) Journal out your frustrations on a piece of paper, later that evening burn that piece of paper and say out load “Divine, I now let go of…

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B. Lynn Goodwin

The Transformative Benefits of Journaling

It's easy to tell others to take risks. It's harder to live by that rule, especially if you're wise enough to consider the consequences. Have faith. Take a leap and trust that someone will catch you. Weigh your choices. Don't hesitate to give to a stranger but don't give everything away. Be who you are. Everybody else is taken. Life is short. Have the courage to leave a miserable job, if you've tried everything you can. The same is true of a miserable relationship, as long as you're not hurting your children. If you're afraid you might be, weigh the…

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Journaling Empowers

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Journaling empowers the world's number one nurturers: mothers. As a mom and family caregiver, you are a multi-tasking advisor. You give to others and juggle your time. Are you a woman who does not have time to take care of herself? Journaling is an excellent way to get past the problem. If you’re a man who found this site, you likely have many traits in common with women who nurture. Writing gives perspective. According to university studies, writing saves lives as it restores sanity and balance. Do not underestimate its power. Journaling helps you explore and…

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A Gratitude List

I'm in a unique and special free-writing group. Our rules are quite simple. We follow Natalie Goldberg’s practice of doing timed writings. I bring in prompts, which are sentence starts like the ones in my book. One woman reads one, while another woman sets a timer. When it goes off, we go around the circle, reading what we wrote. We don’t comment. Sometimes we respond to each other’s writings during the next round of writing, offering sympathy, understanding, and occasionally offering advice, if it is requested. After eight years, I think of these women as my writing sisters. We’ve seen…

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Feedback Inspires Me

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Your feedback inspires me. I love it when readers write to one of my prompts. Some of you have done exactly that, and sent it to me privately. I invite you to do that today, if you like. My e-mail address is in the last paragraph. You can always write about whatever you like, but if nothing comes to you, try one of these sentence-starts and see where it takes you: Next time… I have to protect… When I first started… If only… I love… Why do I love your writing? You give me a private…

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Replenishing Your Reserves By Journaling

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Do other people's needs come first? Do your resentments sometimes expand like a swollen spring river? It's a familiar predicament. The first thing you should know is that you are not alone. When I was my mother’s caregiver, I often put my personal needs on hold. I drowned my resentments in comfort foods. Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies were a favorite. I’d pull one after another out of the box and stuff them in my mouth mindlessly as I drove to the pharmacy or the post office or even the grocery store. This was not a healthy…

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Your Life on Paper

Author Stanislaw J. Lec once said, "I wanted to tell the world just one word -- but, unable to do that, I became a writer." And writer Isaac Asimov confessed, "If I knew that I had only six minutes to live . . . I'd type a little faster." For thirty years I've been typing as fast as I can, and striving to distill all I could into that one special word. But unable to do that, I've written a number of books -- each like my children and grandchildren, different from the others, and each serving a mysterious purpose…

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