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I once heard someone say, “God has more planned for you than you could ever imagine for yourself.” While I didn’t understand it at the time, fifteen years later I certainly do. Whether God, Buddha, Allah or the Universe, I’m here to tell you that this statement holds true, I’ve experienced it firsthand.

My greatest passion is helping people understand their true power and potential and how to use it for good. So my words of wisdom are simple but life-changing:

Create a dream journal and fill it with everything you have ever desired, expect great things to happen in your life and make it a point to leave a big footprint – proof that you were here and made a difference.

1. Dream Journals: I’ve kept dream journals for 20 years. I often reflect on these journals for proof of what I’m capable of and also as inspiration for what’s possible. From buying my dream boat, to writing two books, to living in Paris for a summer with my family, I’ve hit 90%+ of the goals in my journals. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you get exactly what you put your focus on – so focus on something great!

2. Expectations: I’m the girl no one expected anything of, but who expected everything of herself. Growing up in poverty, being homeless, and battling terrifying circumstances, I turned within, focused on my own power and decided to change the course of my life. I’m living proof that happiness and success is available to everyone who wants it.

3. Footprint: Making a difference in people’s lives is what drives me. While money and recognition are nice, nothing compares with truly influencing the course of someone’s life. I believe you have to follow the call to your destiny!

Whatever you had planned for your life, open your mind to the possibility that there is something far greater than anything you could ever have imagined for yourself. Get ready, it’s going to be amazing!

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Traci Bild has been blazing trails for the past two decades as a full time mom, with a multi-million dollar business on the side. As a keynote speaker, author and entrepreneur, Traci is living proof that “You are what you think you are.” Priding herself on being a normal woman, with an extraordinary life, Traci has made it her mission to help women break through self-imposed limitations masked in the handcuffs of guilt, fear, and uncertainty to experience a life of abundance and happiness. Email Traci for a FREE Dream Journal to help you break through your limitations!

Traci’s forthcoming book, Get Your Girl Back, is highly anticipated and will forever change the way women live their lives. Download the first chapter now!

Traci has been happily married for over 15 years, has two children, loves to go boating, garden and travel to culturally rich destinations.

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  1. I have been following Traci’s blog for awhile and she is FANTASTIC. I love this message Traci! Thank you for constantly building people up and for also sharing your personal struggles along the way. We all have them. As you say, it’s what we do about them that matters!!!!

  2. You’re inspiring me to go home today and start my own dream journal. I did it when I was younger but I haven’t had one in years!!

  3. Inspiring that you teach others to bring their dreams to life … a beautiful message and one that we all need to hear and listen to deep in our souls.

  4. So what exactly is a Dream Journal? What kinds of things do you put in it after you have put your dreams in it the first day? Sorry to be a little thick here, I’m trying to understand this so I might be able to create one also… and then have something to put in it on day 2 and so on…

  5. I find your story compelling, and I am so very happy that you shared this piece of inspiration.
    Understanding that not always does it roll out when first written, seems that it has landed into the right place and in front of the eyes that need it the most.
    So, yet again “Mission accomplished”!

    Today, I hope that these messages in return fill your tank with the appreciation and love you need, fueling your continued greatness.

    With much appreciation and great respect,
    Robin Cortese

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