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There is Only One Entrance

Birth is the only way we enter this world, and death is our only exit. We all share this truth of human existence—and yet our births and our deaths are as individual unique as each of us. Imagine! A new soul, entering the world from the vessel of another body! A new soul, arriving by Divine choice and by Divine selection of a particular mother, a particular father. The miracle of welcoming a new soul affects us so deeply, it’s almost impossible to express everything we hold in our heart. Sit down a group of mothers of any age or…

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Father is the First Teacher

My bathing cap is too tight; it doesn’t hold the cascade of hair that someone’s piled on my head in order to squash it on, pull it tight until it covers my ears. When I take it off later, my hair will be sodden, snarled, and the long strands will catch in the cap, causing me to yelp in pain. I wear it, because I want to pretend I am immune from the water: that even when I am submerged, my body will be safe from all that scary wetness. If we wore goggles back then, I’d have put them…

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Summer of 2012

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Memorial Day has come and gone. Families had picnics, went swimming, went boating, played ball, and ate too much potato salad and ice cream. Right? If that picture doesn’t match your day, you’re probably not alone. Some people had a front-row seat as the President lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Have you lost a family member in one of the wars? Do you honor him on Memorial Day or every day? Some people spent the day in a tollbooth or a ticket booth. Others stood behind the counter at 7-Eleven, or…

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Our Favorite Holiday Memories

This week we asked the question.... What is your favorite holiday memory? Just reading these response made me smile and relive some of the most special moments of the holiday season. I hope they make you smile too. Here are the responses from some amazing peeps.... (that are ALL great peeps to follow!) Aboundlessworld- Seeing my family in Shanghai :) GlobalPilot- Gathering around a piano with my family to sing Christmas carols (when I was a kid). KellyTirman Taking my daughter to see Santa for the first time. ErinBassett Going to look at Christmas lights as a family. stacerz02 Pretending…

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