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What We Learned From Our Mothers

Happy Mother's Day! Chances are, she taught you how to tie your shoes, kissed the boo boos when you fell down and believed in you when no one else did. On this Mother's Day, we celebrate the woman that not only made our life possible, but the one who did her best to help us be the best person we can be - our mother. As a tribute to all of the great mothers, we've compiled some of the many things we've learned from our mothers, as shared from more than 100 folks on Twitter. (Check out our blog to read each individual…

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Why I Wore My Yellow Dress

I wore my yellow dress in celebration of Mother's Day. It was not my regular Mother's Day. It was unlike the times I had cherished for the past forty-six years.  The day would be different.  My life was different. I felt different. Missing was my usual anticipation of the day’s events. My former sense of entitlement that accompanied my wondering what gift I would receive was no longer present.  Before it was my day for a well-earned respite. Now the thought of it caused me to sigh. It was a few days away.  I knew I would receive many greetings…

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A Mother’s Day Tribute- 100+Tweets of Gratitude to Mom

Happy Mother's Day! As a tribute to all of the great mothers, @InspireMeToday reached out to our friends on Twitter and asked this question... What's the #1 thing that your mom taught you, that you are the MOST grateful for? Just reading the tweets as they arrived, I smiled, laughed, shook my head in agreement and most of all, felt warm inside with the outpouring of such love for our Mamas. Enjoy it and share it with you mom or anyone else you know who has a mom. :) Here's what more than 100 folks who responded had to say....…

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