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Happy Mother’s Day!

As a tribute to all of the great mothers, @InspireMeToday reached out to our friends on Twitter and asked this question…

What’s the #1 thing that your mom taught you, that you are the MOST grateful for?

Just reading the tweets as they arrived, I smiled, laughed, shook my head in agreement and most of all, felt warm inside with the outpouring of such love for our Mamas. Enjoy it and share it with you mom or anyone else you know who has a mom. 🙂

Here’s what more than 100 folks who responded had to say….

(By the way, this is a great list of caring, interactive peeps who would be great to follow on Twitter. Just click on their name which is a live link, and happy following!)

GlobalPilot– My mother taught me compassion- the ability to see myself in someone else’s shoes and have an understanding of what that must be like.

pandiorama She taught me how to balance my checkbook!

MoniqueVargas That all races are equal. My mom never looks at skin color or nationality.

mammaloves To maintain my sense of humor.  It has gotten me through more things….

nahtuhhlee To always leave something to the imagination! Its timeless.

HealthyLoserGal Mom taught me to keep in touch w/family: turn to them to share when u’re happy AND when you’re down. Even “family of choice”.

DorahMtetwa To work for your own money!

Megan_Lane The #1 my mom taught me was to always show gratitude for things given to us by saying thanks and sending thank you cards.

raygoodrich To never let your fears dictate your actions.

KankyPants My mom always told me to stand up for what i believe in & not to let anyone stop me from doing the right thing!♥

LoveSays Love is all there is. Feel it, be it, share it!

tessneale The #1 thing my mum taught me: the importance of independence and doing what I believe in…no matter what. ♥

angelmarie_3 That you have to work for what you want and never disrespect your elders. 🙂

laurenamcmullen Listen 2 what people say about themselves. They usually tell the truth about that!

Claire_Barbie To always be nice and be the bigger person in situations where you need to be 🙂

EvelynBrooks My mother taught me a love of books and learning!

Rockstarkat That hating gets you nowhere & to do all things with love.

bernhardtmd #MyMamaToldMe “Don’t just seek someone you want to live with. Seek someone you don’t want to live without.”

@McMedia Unconditional Love … my mother never judges. She is kind & supportive. I am so blessed!

CoCreatr #1 mom taught (without ever voicing it): think for yourself, try out to see what works for you and who you want to be with.

unmarketing Never give up. Oh, and always mind your manners 🙂

mharlesmarkley Always be accountable for your actions.

chrisbrogan Manners. 🙂

barefoot_exec My mom said ‘if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right the 1st time’.

bettybhip To always lend a hand and be generous even if you don’t have a lot to share, always room for 1 more at the table.

LarryHochman My mother role modeled kindness. It wasn’t in the words…it was in the way she treated people. It’s how we learn.  🙂

AlohaArleen Maybe is not a commitment. One must commit to make things happen.

SuzieCheel There is always time to stop & talk, to share a kind word, offer a helping hand or just to listen to a friend or a stranger.

comeandreceive How to say “I’m sorry”.

JennyBaechler “You’re never stuck.”

Mark_Tress My grandma would say “before you speak, think twice… Then Shut up.”

HoneyLi To make sure to have your own, everytime you get some money, put $20 away and don’t touch it. You will know when u need it and it won’t be for a purse or pair of shoes.

carlpeterson My mom taught me by example to not say unkind things about other people.

JeanetteJoy My mom taught me to be happy even when your life is too sad. (She had a terrible time, orphan, Great Depression, WWII, deaths)

marthalory Mom taught me that praying nonstop with tears will surely change something, even it takes whole life to wait.

neekAboo She taught me how to love without expecting.

Prosperous_One How to respect, educate & most of all, to LOVE myself!

Marcus_Costello Patience and to listen to other peoples opinions as a closed mind is a wasted mind.

slapyourfacexx I don’t know if its considered as taught, but it would be love!! 🙂 W/o her love I can’t be who i am today and have a heart for others.

feifei777 My g-ma told me that I was a PRINCESS & deserved to be treated like one & never accept less. I now tell my daughter.

raysunshine77 To be grateful for everything I have, not bitter for what I’ve lost or jealous of what others have.

PraiseWorks Tomorrow is another oppportunity another chance to do better than the day before.

memeemmil Being independent and how to make your surroundings clean and neat. 🙂

Elle_Chasing20 Oh my- just one!? To always celebrate our disappointments rather than dwelling on them. Greater things ahead 🙂

rythmnations My mom taught me to think for myself, and not to follow what everyone else is doing! Be the trend setter not the trendy one!

zachbergen That I was loved.

BrennaDaniels My mom taught me what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. I don’t know who I would be if I didn’t have that 🙂

joysays She taught me that being happy and supportive is an important quality in friendships, loves & co-workrs. Spread ur happiness.

Daniela_Iakopa Mom taught to treat everyone well, to be grateful and raised a good healty food habits in me. Great.

bvisailing She taught me a love and appreciation for Nature and the natural beauty of this world.

MindfulBrook Funny one: never be the drunk girl that is puking or crying! Sincere: Find a man that’s good to his mama.

mylivingpower My mom taught me how to “read” people. To notice their spoken and unspoken messages. Annoying as a kid, awesome now!

nanceTO Always be financially independent!

CoCoNikole She taught me how to be independent & to not settle.  The sky is the limit!

kyhick Mom always said that if you truly love it is unconditional that is real love.

dearsusanbranch My mom (with 8 children) made something from nothing every day and taught me the meaning of creativity.

Texbard To find pleasure in simple things such as listening to birds sing or the scent of clean clothes fresh out of the dryer.

lovelyllamanda How to get up and go to work everyday, even when you dont want to- life still happens.

Cletae “Never give up” thats what she taught me.  She is a very strong woman 🙂

michelle_vw “Never depend your life to other person, your life, your responsibility”.

SueAtkins My Mum taught me to forgive quickly !  #parenting #moms #mums

janna4014 To be courteous and polite.

virenprajapati #1 thing  To “never cheat on u”. Meaning, never deceive yourself. Admit mistakes, never pretend coz over a time it becomes habitual.

lilyandlime To put others before yourself.

afuntanilla That I can do anything!

KristinKopp “Never say never. Never say always. And… always be true to yourself!” really!

BudafullyGreen When you speak to people, filter it through your heart. People can hear even difficult things differently. ~My Mom I ♥ her!

PhillipHoffman Show up on time.

BelleDuchess Kneel down and pray, as God has all the answers in all situations.

brianoberman The most important thing that mom taught me that I’m the most grateful for: faith.  Faith in everything, including others.

eepings That love knows no boundaries, no conditions, no pain – it only knows giving, and more giving. Love is action and demonstrations. She shows me what love is, what it looks and feels like.

azjuancafe My mom taught me to keep an open heart and mind.

arielleford Mom showed me that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to! She was right.

kuteblackson That love is the most powerful force on the planet!

Z_MBA She taught me that nothing happens to you is really that big of a deal, so let things go.

sqlpro Never become like your dad!

bamslynette Laugh outloud and laugh often, because life is too short for frowns.

VA_Grown “This too shall pass.” (her version of don’t sweat the small stuff–or really any stuff!)

kakashigurl One thing? Hmm.. Never ever lose hope.. 🙂

LisaScales That being a girl has no restrictions – you can do what ever you want & be whoever you want to be 🙂

takeaminute2 I’m most grateful to my mum for teaching me how to cook. Making her American Roast Beef recipe right now!

tmr106 Always, always be a lady 🙂

TiffiTaffy How to pray, and how to be faithful to God. My mom gave me advice on Tuesday or Wednesday last week, by Friday, it worked.

marcymassura ‘Never comingle your funds’ #1

Lennisport I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to! #thxmom

dthurston11 My mom taught me that there are only 2 things with which I have control.  My attitude and my effort. Can’t control anyone else.

ladyinredonline My Mom taught me that ordinary women rarely make history!

Stewpot Mother always told me size isn’t everything.

catherinebybee Don’t date someone you wouldn’t want to marry. You never know who you’ll fall in love with.

IdealSamples My mom taught me how to always be true to myself and not worry about others – this has made me the woman i am today.

vancauw Family..

janetjoy Most imp thing my #mom taught me was to believe in myself. She also taught me that anger and love can coexist. Invaluable!

GraceHospiceOK Know that you can do anything you think you can!  Have positive thoughts.

JaytotheTee My mom taught me how to get what needs to be done done and carry on.

ScottMilford My mom taught me, through her demonstration, how to be a caring person, and why it’s important to care. Priceless!

jwatsoncreative Patience with others, creative thinking in all situations and kindness through out all my days #thanksmom

mamalola03 To respect yourself.

champlings My mom taught me to always pray to and trust in God 🙂

Jessy1822 My mom always taught me to live each day to the fullest!

stanromsley To forgive your brother and sister…

NBurmanDesign Cleaning up after myself! It’s not only good for me, it’s good for those I live with.

sharbowers Honesty is the best policy.

Thecommich I’m grateful to my Grandma, for teaching me to be a lady (or trying anyway!). Good manners and kindness are SO important.

QueenCDJ My mom taught me to be an asset, not a liability.  Always bring something of value to the table in every situation.

BudBilanich My mother showed, not taught — me the importance of hard work and persistence.

MikeCrossland My mum taught me that regardless of the challenges that lay ahead of us, with belief, hope and determination the impossible can be made possible.

PricelessParent My mom taught me that there are plenty of people in need. Your purpose is to find someone to help and help them.  She taught me this by demonstrating it every day.

Kellymotivates Never talk bad about anyone and if anyone talks bad about you, just hold your head high 🙂 #nogossip

DuongSheahan @inspiremetoday Mom taught us HUMILTY as she is epitome of. He who humbles himself will be exalted, he who exalts himself will be humbled.

JayLink_ ummm not to torture small animals or she would beat me with a rubber hose  …. wait..wait I was kidding.. My mom taught me to love all people & to forgive your enemies!

vivavelo She was very much into teaching us how to spell properly – it’s helped me all my life! Especially now that I write a lot. XO

ABluePearl #Moma said: Never, ever fight over a man. If he’s yours, it’s not necessary; if he’s not, you have no business there.

tomjd That I can do anything!

BloggingBizMom To always consider another’s feelings before speaking or acting…..

MaLiKCeaSar3 My mom taught me how to love.

WendyGYoung My mother taught me not to gossip and I have held to that my entire life.

What’s the #1 thing that your mom taught you, that you are the MOST grateful for?


Our sincere thanks to everyone for your contribution. Please check out the compilation featured this Sunday on Mother’s Day, as our Today’s Brilliance feature. Share it with your Mother with thanks, and with your children, with hope. 🙂

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  1. Great collection! My twitter handle in the post has a space inserted though, so it links to a twitter account that’s not mine. This is me: @nanceTO

  2. These two tweets just arrived, but I wanted to share them with you:

    @pygenot Assume the consequences of your actions, whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Live with it, and learn from it.

    @eleesha Hugs♥

    Thanks again for all of the contributions!

  3. My mom taught me to see the incredible beauty in nature and ALL people, to love and resecpt nature and to do what you love and you will never hate going to work!thanks MOM

  4. My mom taught me to take the time to do caring, thoughtful acts and gestures for other people. It doesn’t matter if they reciprocate. You just do it because it feels good…and that’s what nice Canadians do!

    1. Oh Michelle, you’ve learned so well, because you just described who you are! Mama taught you well indeed! Happy Mother’s Day!


  5. From Kathy Ireland- (sent to us via Twitter)

    @kathyireland Inspiring me in my faith. My Mom packed a Bible when I started modeling…I read and..became a Christian.

    Thank you Kathy for sharing this with us. What a beautiful tweet! We appreciate your being part of the community!


  6. Hi,

    Just wanted to add that my mother taught me a great deal about what “love” is and one of the most valuable lessons she passed on is the concept that we are each the creators of our own reality.

    Thanks to Tim Smith @ Smile Therapy for making me aware of this blog 🙂

    Love & light to all,


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