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Ask a Luminary

How Can I Forgive Betrayal?

"Hi, how can I forgive an infidelity and betrayal by my partner of 30 years, who has since left me? It has been a year since she left and I still have strong emotions; shock, sorrow, anger, grief, confusion that will not go away. I think about her every day and at night. My partner is 72 years old, survived cancer 2x while we've been together and has been professing her love to me all these years; telling me she looked forward to our future together. (I am 10 years younger.) I need to forgive, for myself more than for…

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Reconnecting to Your Inner Light

When I told the doctors who were about to perform surgery on me that I was sensitive, and to please use either less or weaker pain-killers afterwards, they didn't believe me. As a result, I had an intravenous nightmare ride for two days after the surgery until I made a big enough fuss that they took me off. Pain? Who cares about pain when you feel like your own mind is slipping you into the grossest, unimaginable insanity?!? Even after they had stopped administering the drug, the nightmares persisted when I tried to sleep. But blessedly, I could open my…

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