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Angela Treat Lyon is the author of too many books to list: see, and She trains people in using EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, holding EFT seminars internationally. (get your free book there). Angela's internet radio show, Daring Dreamer Radio at inspires, supports and offers uncommon resources to you Daring Dreamers (free book there, too).  Angela is also an award-winning, internationally recognized professional illustrator, painter and sculptor, living and working in Hawaii. Her work is in private collections worldwide. See

Lead with Love. Always.

Love first. Always. No matter what. • Love and follow your heart's highest dreams to the best of your ability. • Love your friends and family - even the difficult ones. Hold them as close as you can, even if you live at a distance. • Love the planet. You live upon it, are fed by it. Every time you hurt it, you hurt yourself and everyone and everything else on it. Every time you care for it, you care for everything on it. • Learn to love money correctly. Every dollar you earn is a unit of appreciation: you…

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The Audacity Map

I was a very shy girl. Didn't speak unless spoken to, head down, hair falling in front of my eyes to hide behind, slumped shoulders. Teased and tickled by my father and brothers to the point of tears, bullied by schoolmates - you get the picture. It wasn't until I went to live in NYC to attend Parsons School of Design that I woke up to someone new inside of myself. She had been brewing for a long, long time. All of a sudden, no father, no brothers, no bullies! It was like a miracle. Now I felt audacious. Bold.…

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Breaking Away from Your Own Mind

I want to tell you about my friend, "Jon." Jon hated his father for years because he abandoned his family when Jon was only five years old. Jon resented how his mother was almost never home, and when she was home, she was too exhausted to be a "proper" mother to him and his younger siblings. Jon thought it was unfair that she had had to work so hard, and that he had to take care of his younger brothers. He hated the poverty in which he grew up, and he blamed it all on his absent father. He carried…

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Reconnecting to Your Inner Light

When I told the doctors who were about to perform surgery on me that I was sensitive, and to please use either less or weaker pain-killers afterwards, they didn't believe me. As a result, I had an intravenous nightmare ride for two days after the surgery until I made a big enough fuss that they took me off. Pain? Who cares about pain when you feel like your own mind is slipping you into the grossest, unimaginable insanity?!? Even after they had stopped administering the drug, the nightmares persisted when I tried to sleep. But blessedly, I could open my…

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