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Finding Inner Peace Through the Joy of Chocolate

As the world continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, you may find yourself searching for ways to resolve all fears and limiting thoughts, as a craving for peace and simplicity rises to the surface. Join Julie Dittmar in Finding Inner Peace Through the Joy of Chocolate as she decodes and unlocks hidden life lessons and powerful spiritual teachings while using metaphors, such as chocolate, as an extraordinary way of finding true and lasting inner peace during these times of global transformation and ascension. Lessons are filled with potent life wisdom (based on the teachings of Matt Kahn), simple exercises, and relaxing guided meditations so you may directly experience inner peace and emotional freedom. Lessons and meditations act like a squeegee for your mind, and provide healing frequencies for your body. It’s a welcomed break for the overstimulated nervous system, and a chance to receive the balance, rest, and renewal your heart longs for at its core.

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The #1 Tool for Finding Calm

Trust. It allows you to be present in the here and now, it allows you to face the world with calmness and centeredness. Trust gives you the ability to easily let go and let God. Trust puts you in the zone and allows you to be the channel for the power of the Universe to flow through you, as you. Through Trust you will be supported in every way. The biggest thing that has changed my life has been learning Trust. It's not just about knowing what trust means, or being able to talk about it and explain it. Learning…

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself? Peace of Mind

I have learned that the greatest virtue, and the greatest gift you can give yourself, is peace of mind. And, thankfully, it's something you can choose to give yourself. Your true self experiences peace of mind eternally, but, in order to experience your true self, you need to experience that peace first. This makes peace of mind the key thing to aim for in life. Again, you can choose to have it. This is primarily achieved by mentally letting go of what disturbs you. Your lack of peace of mind is generated by your investment in maintaining your false sense of self; by mental…

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Peace Of Mind- An Inside Job

Everyone is looking for "happiness with no sorrow" or peace of mind, but most people are looking for this outside themselves. They are looking for it in someone, in some thing, in making money, being a big shot, having possessions, and so on. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find peace of mind that way. Here's an example for you. Take a look at somebody who is powerful, who is monetarily successful. How happy are they? How satisfied are they? Do they really have peace of mind? Now let's take a look at those individuals who are trying to get happiness and peace of mind…

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