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By B. Lynn Goodwin. "Jay's run away," his mom told me over the phone. It was 2 a.m. and I didn't know what to say. I know that running away is something many 12-year-olds do, but Jay is not an average 12-year-old. He and his younger brother both have autism.  At 12 he’s energetic and determined. He’s also as vulnerable and stubborn as a five-year old, and I imagined the same questions were running through his mom’s head and mine: What if he can’t articulate his name or his phone number? What if he walks up to a homeless encampment…

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Write Your Bucket List

By B. Lynn Goodwin. I never saw Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List, but I know the movie inspired people around the world to make their own lists. In case you've never heard of such a thing, a bucket list is a list of goals, dreams, ambitions, and the experiences you'd like to have before you die. It can include countries and people you want to visit, events you want to see, and sports, hobbies, and activities you’d like to try sometime. Whether you want to run a marathon, learn a foreign language, see the Aurora Borealis,…

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Keeping Your Orientation – In Life and Work (Avoiding Unnecessary Missteps)

By Michele Howe. Taking a misstep here would be fatal. Taking a misstep in daily life happens more often than we realize (with perhaps not fatal results, but otherwise unhealthy ones.) Why? It's so easy to lose our focus (lose our orientation) because of the demands placed on us by others (and ourselves.) Keeping your orientation is one principle that crosses over into every area of life. Home. Work. Health. Play. Not convinced? See how this phrase, "Keeping Your Orientation" put me on notice after a fast-paced morning in the operating room. Not too long ago, I was given the…

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