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Live the Enlightened Life

Love more, think less. The only law is love. Do not ask for love; give it. Love is strengthened when we love those who are difficult to love. Perfection is not in the future; it is now. Imperfection indicates a lack of love. The attainment of this wisdom is experiential. Love is not mental. States of ecstasy, love and bliss immerse you in your true nature. By shifting your identity to spirit, all desires are instantly fulfilled. Your wise and loving spirit has set out upon a great journey in life. In the process the spirit took on a mind,…

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Are You Over-thinking the Mystical Realm?

The main problem modern thinking people have with the mystical realm is... over-thinking. We're often not quite intelligent enough to realize that it's the "logical" parts of our brains that insist on "logical" explanations for everything. This is like banks insisting on their own bailouts, to which I say: duh. Thus are many bright spiritual-minded folk calling for something smarter. Let us, for instance, follow the didactic brilliance of India's old Brahman priests who used to debate the divine until there was nothing left to say, knowing full well that the real answer lay in what religious scholar Karen Armstrong…

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