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Abundance in Anegada, BVI

Everyone has a favorite place in the world, and for me, it's on the beach of a small island in the Caribbean, called Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. This is a beach where I can walk for hours and rarely encounter another person. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE people but I also need solitude from time to time. Just being in this place is like physically walking into a meditation. As my friend Jim said as he shared part of the walk with me, "I need to know that places like this still exist in our world". We're…

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Abundance Is All Around You

I tried an experiment this week. This is my seventh blog in seven days. I originally started writing at the beginning of this week because I had something to say. It quickly became a question of how many concurrent days could I write… as one day gradually grew into seven. Yesterday I had the thought of , "Maybe I should save this idea in case I don't have anything to blog about tomorrow? What if I run out of ideas? I don't want to get our community in the habit of expecting one each day and then not delivering! Oh…

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