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Live Your Truth, Fulfill Your Purpose

Are you living your truth or someone else’s? You are unique. You were created to live in this world, at this time. You were not created to become someone of someone else’s idea. You were created to fulfill a particular purpose unique to you for this period in time. Those of you living under the preferences of others are sacrificing who you are, who you were meant to be, and what you were meant to do. Knowing your purpose for this lifetime, you received inspiration to lead you to explore and gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to fulfill that purpose.…

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Global Change Begins Within

In one way, it's hard to say what has happened to the health of our world and the people upon it, not that suitable terms don't exist. The problem is that whatever picture one paints with words, it points only to a single part of the story, and we're left with an incomplete understanding of the situation. History proves, along with personal experience, that whenever our understanding of a problem is incomplete, its effect is to breed conflict. Then, blame becomes the solution and inevitably war breaks out -- first on a personal, and then on a planetary level. This…

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