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Twitter- It’s Not Brain Science, or is it?

Serendipity is one of my favorite things in life. I just received a telephone call from a Twitter friend, sharing how one of my tweets last week made her think bigger. With one little generic tweet, something triggered her to take action, resulting in a positive difference in her business. How cool is that! Just a few days ago I was on the telephone with my daughter asking for her help in finding someone who knows about the science of the brain. I'm writing a book and want to include information from a scientific point of view, but I don't…

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Last week I was blindsided by a state. Not a state of mind, but by the state of Montana. Our family went to visit a ranch we owned for nearly ten years but sold in 2004. We expected to have a great time with family and reconnect with Nature, but I didn't expect to turn my life upside down. Montana captured my heart the first time I visited in 1993, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised it happened once again. The result of our family vacation? Darryl and I are moving to Montana! As crazy as this may sound,…

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One morning a few weeks ago I made a list of three things to accomplish that day. The first was to find a way to connect with a large corporation, the second was to connect with a major non-profit and the third was to resolve how to do a joint venture with a mentor I'd never met. I thought about ways to make these things happen and not finding an easy solution, I put them aside. I went about my morning, taking baby steps toward my goal as if the three things had already happened. Within two hours I received…

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