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Golf as a Metaphor for Life

Golf is first and foremost one of my paths to self- mastery. I don’t mean mastery as in being the best in the world or striving to be perfect, I mean mastery by being my best each shot and each moment. I know I am completely capable of shooting under par every time I step onto the golf course. When I don’t, I have the opportunity to look more closely at myself. Was it fear, underlying emotions, mental blocks, lack of presence or something to do with my body that stopped me? How can I improve next time? Each new round…

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Bouncing with Style: Play Your Position

First of all, let me clarify that after playing grade-school and high school soccer, it was shocking to me as to how little I retained about the sport other than keep your feet behind the line when throwing in the ball. But as in all things, God has a reason for what we need to know. I have become an avid sport’s mom for a couple of reasons. I like to watch the kids grow and learn. I like the competition and formation of character through team sports. And sports gives me a chance to see my kids when they…

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