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Golf is first and foremost one of my paths to self- mastery. I don’t mean mastery as in being the best in the world or striving to be perfect, I mean mastery by being my best each shot and each moment. I know I am completely capable of shooting under par every time I step onto the golf course. When I don’t, I have the opportunity to look more closely at myself. Was it fear, underlying emotions, mental blocks, lack of presence or something to do with my body that stopped me? How can I improve next time?

Each new round I play shows me the mirror into my self and my life, which allows me the opportunity to grow.

Through this game I am learning to become a better creator of my reality and person. I am learning to master my body, mind and emotions which will bring me into better harmony with myself and with life. By making the ball do whatever I want it to on any given shot, I am training myself to do what my imagination sees. Every single shot, I have a goal in mind and an opportunity to hit the target. Can you see how this could help you reach your goals? 

As I am able to be at peace and total acceptance whether I win or lose, shoot high or low, or make birdies or triple bogies, I learn to deal with the challenges in my life with more peace and acceptance.

Brad Morris - GolfThis game incorporates each of the five elements: earth (golf course);water (hazards, weather and sprinklers); air (wind & breath); ether (or thought); and the fire within the golfer’s heart to play every shot to their fullest potential. There is beauty everywhere on a golf course and by playing in it, I am connected to it. There is no separation between my body, mind, emotions, my club, ball, the golf course, hole and my score.

As I choose to improve I am learning patience and discipline. I realize this is something I get to work at and so I feel grateful for the longterm benefits of my immediate practices and habits. By creating positive choices with my health now, through exercising, stretching, breathing, eating the best foods ever and training my mind through meditation and focus techniques, I am able to continually improve my golf game.

To me, golf is more than just a game; it is a metaphor for life. This means how I play golf is how I live my life, run my businesses, show up in my relationships, deal with pressure, conquer fears and move through my challenges. I didn’t always see it this way, though. I am excited to share with you the insights and tools I’ve experienced that have helped me improve my approach and score on the golf course by living my life in alignment with who I know I am. I encourage you to be a scientist and test it all out for yourself because that’s where the true magic happens.

I created BE GOLF out of the pure love of sharing what is working for me to get over my limitations so I can hit amazing golf shots most consistently and live my potential in life.

Practice what I share and you will experience what it truly means to play golf in the moment.

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I help creative, entrepreneurial, freedom-seekers who are on a seriously awesome mission to share their gifts, serve the world and build a meaningful business that aligns with their passions to get clear, intentional & focused so they can create what they actually want in life.

I have consciously crafted my freedom lifestyle to align with everything I love most. I live in paradise on a small island with my wife and I am actively pursuing my life-long dream of playing professional golf. The way I fund my lifestyle is by creating transformatonial eCourses which have reached people in 27+ countries, producing comedy + music marketing videos with my best friends in my home studio and by coaching leaders and world-changers to rock their gifts and (#GSD) Get Shit Done while having fun!

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