3 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life

It’s true we live in a time of questionable economic stability, nobody knows where to step or what’s coming next. It’s also true that without balance, timing, and know-how, surfing is impossible. Realizing that navigating the waves of flux in the economy is as simple as reading the landscape, balancing on an unsteady platform, and timing your market are they keys to success. More millionaires were made during the great depression than during any other time in history. We stand at the forefront of a tremendous opportunity to top that record. But everywhere I look I see opportunities that go… Read more.

Overcoming Failure

If you have ever hit a wall of failure at top speed, you know the paralyzing feeling that takes place inside your body. That paralyzing feeling stops you in your tracks, turns a great thing into your worst nightmare. If you have ever poured your heart and soul into something and somehow, someway, it failed, you know what it feels like. This feeling of defeat can lead you down two roads. One is the road to nowhere. This road is the road that keeps you from getting out of bed in the morning, changes your beliefs about yourself, changes the… Read more.

3 Questions for Finding Purpose and Fulfillment

For many of us, we grow up and the most important thing is who we are going to be when we grow up. Then we focus on doing all these things in order to have the stuff that someone who is like who we want to be would have. Unfortunately for many of us, we focus more on the having than the being. We are designed as human beings, and when we lose sight of that and begin to do things in order to have things, we lose sight of why we are here. Don’t wait to find your purpose…define… Read more.

Focused attention results in attracting what you want.
There is a Golden Mean to which your body wants to gravitate: a balance of excitation and calm, of readiness and relaxation. External pressures push us away from it- inward focus can pull us back.

6 Ways to Keep Life in Perspective

Here are the top six pieces of advice that can increase the quality of life and easily keep it in perspective: 1) Nothing in life has any inherent meaning; it only has the meaning you assign to it. Shakespeare once said, “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” You can actively change the meaning of any circumstance in your life to one that empowers you. The way to do that is by asking empowering questions. These questions will lead to empowering answers. Here are a few examples: What is good about this? What is funny about this?… Read more.

5 Lessons for Happiness

Here are a few of the best lessons I can happily share: 1. Life is tough Agreed, life is filled with trials and tribulations. To say one is happy all the time is a lie. To know happiness is available at any time is a truth. Happiness will not wait for us. Happiness will not invite us to the party. We must invite ourselves to say, “yes”, diving deeply and happily into life… all of it… the ups, downs, twists and turns of our miraculous journey. Happiness exists in tandem with adversity. Happiness waits in all the nooks and crannies… Read more.

Passion blurs distractions and brings purpose into focus.
Great people become so by rising above trivial challenges and turning their energy and attention toward creating instead of criticizing, solving instead of succumbing, and growing instead of groveling.

Get Focused for Greater Success

It is difficult to accomplish much in life without focus and determination. The factor that focus plays in success is easy to overlook. But people who have achieved what it is that they want to in life will be quick to tell you just how important focus is for achieving success. Luck often plays a role in success. While it is true that successful people make their own luck, to an extent, this does not negate hard work, determination and focus. The facts are simple; without the benefit of focus, determination and hard work are impossible. After all, to work… Read more.

Struggling? 10 Steps for Overcoming Tough Times

As a member of the human race, we have more in common with one another than we have differences. Just like death and taxes, we all experience tough times, and therefore, we can learn from each other’s mistakes to make our walk on the road just a little bit easier. From the more than 1000 Luminaries that we’ve featured on, here’s the collective wisdom on how to get through tough times, that just might help you get through a difficult experience. Look at the worst thing that can happen. Feel it. Mourn it. Cry through it. Then picture the… Read more.

Appreciation: A Truly Humane Art

“The difference between appreciation and flattery? That is simple. One is sincere and the other insincere. One comes from the heart out; the other from the teeth out.” ~ Dale Carnegie in How to Win Friends & Influence People There is something wonderfully enigmatic about sensing that another person notices your efforts, weak attempts though they may be, and kindly expresses such recognition with even a single word of thankfulness. One paltry word, even? Yes. A mere word can make or break a person’s spirit, depend upon it. On any given day, individuals, young and old, from every life background have… Read more.

Golf as a Metaphor for Life

Golf is first and foremost one of my paths to self- mastery. I don’t mean mastery as in being the best in the world or striving to be perfect, I mean mastery by being my best each shot and each moment. I know I am completely capable of shooting under par every time I step onto the golf course. When I don’t, I have the opportunity to look more closely at myself. Was it fear, underlying emotions, mental blocks, lack of presence or something to do with my body that stopped me? How can I improve next time? Each new round… Read more.

School of HP: The Mechanics of Making Your Wishes Become Reality

If you have read any books on spirituality or listened to any teachers you likely have heard this statement before – in order to manifest your wishes you must be very specific about what you ask for, focus on it and then detach from it. It is with the last part that I always had trouble. I didn’t understand in real terms why I need to let it go – until just awhile ago when it came to me. Let’s say that you dreamed up a new concept for a car. You drew it on a piece of paper, thought for… Read more.

Change Your Focus – Change Your Experience

I recently had the honor of interviewing Neil Findlay on The Empowerment Show. In his episode, we discussed his charity work. He helps children living on the street in Madagascar who may be as young as five years old. No resources. No education. No future. A situation he could only describe as hopelessness.  He also works with teens in Australia who often turn to drugs and alcohol due to their family situations. The teens have access to everything – food, shelter, education, and technology – yet there the suicide rate is rising. Suicide is rare in Madagascar where living conditions are… Read more.

How Can I Overcome My Fears?

“From the time I was a child, I’ve lived my life in fear. What if I lose my job? What if I can’t pay the rent? What if I never find a wife? And so on… I’d greatly appreciate any insight on how I can let go of the fear and actually LIVE my life!” ~ Tim, Minneapolis, MN Dear Tim, As humans, we all deal with fear in one form or another. However, we can only focus on one thing at a time, so chose to focus on your dreams rather than the fear. In other words, focus on what you… Read more.

How Can I Control My Emotions?

“I know that I create my own reality with my thoughts, but sometimes when I’m sad I can’t seem to change my thoughts – even when I want to. How to I start to take control of my life?” ~ Evelyn, Jacksonville, FL Dear Evelyn, There was a time I felt the same way you did. But a family member I trusted “SNAPPED” me out of it. Soon I realized that the sadness I was feeling was just an emotion I was internalizing. In other words, I was investing too much time into feeling sad until I clearly saw that… Read more.

The Importance of Taking It Slow

In 2008, I was like most dynamic women: running on life’s treadmill, overbooking myself, pursuing all my passions at once. Ha. Trying to “live my best life” almost stole it from me. I almost died from a brain aneurysm. It turned out to be a gift: The hectic pace of my life finally caught up and it was time to make a change. My recovery was amazing, according to doctors. So what did I learn? Focus. You need to start playing the record of your life at your speed, rather than letting it play you. Stress and change played a major… Read more.

Insights from a Baby Boomer

As a female baby boomer, I am proud that my generation of women has made many forward strides with women’s rights and workplace equity, but there’s still so much that needs to be done. Gen Y Women – your combination of a clean slate, fresh insight on technology, and family values has the potential to change the world. It’s up to your generation now! To help you with this, I’m giving you a gift of the wisdom I’ve learned. Take Charge of Your Life Today. Do you really know what you value, what your important roles are, and what YOUR PASSION… Read more.

Peace in the Midst of Life’s Storms

It is far too easy to get caught up in all the noise, chatter and distractions that come our way. Maintaining focus in the chaos is often a mighty challenge. In times of our greatest crises the power of doubt, fear, stress and anxiety has enormous force. As this adversity grips us, something as simple as finding peace and maintaining confidence can be incredibly difficult. As I lived through the early experiences of my youngest son’s addiction, I found myself completely distracted by his every move, thought, action, and decision. I became uncontrollably focused on saving him from his illness… Read more.

Can I Make More Time?

“I feel like I’m being pulled in 10 directions at the same time, every day. How can I find the time to keep everyone happy, including me?” ~ Denise, St. Albans, UK Dear Denise, My biggest accomplishment is that I’ve learned to S-T-R–E–T–C-H out time! 🙂 But seriously… I’ve mastered a trick that gets me a few extra hours every day (and you can learn it too). It’s the only way I can juggle my professional duties as a surgeon, family responsibilities, managing a non-profit foundation, writing content for my websites, and more. What’s the trick? FOCUS. When I’m operating, my… Read more.