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Donna Krech is founder & CEO of 7 fitness, weight management and life success companies including Thin&Healthy’s Total Solution. Donna’s industry career spans a successful track record of creating and growing business systems, result-producing programs and business models that remain ahead of trends.

In management and sales leadership, she invested the first several years of her weight loss and fitness careers working for others. Taking multiple national awards, she became Formu3’s most recognized franchisee, owning 8 thriving locations. She later formed Body Genics Fitness for Women and, seeing that the club wasn’t attracting or servicing the overweight person, founded Thin&Healthy.

Today Thin&Healthy’s Total Solution gets national media attention, was recognized by a producer for Oprah’s Oxygen Network as “the best kept secret in weight loss”, and has 200+ locations distributing their program, seeing millions of dollars generated and millions of pounds lost.

Donna is the author of several best-selling books, has hosted 2 national television shows and spoken to more than 2000 audiences in 30 countries, sharing stages with names like Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar.

Beginning her career without enough money to feed her child, she is the embodiment of the American Dream and she’s passionate about providing inspiration, education and tools so others may see their dreams realized. Helping multiple people achieve millionaire status, she’s been recognized as an expert at doing so. She’s on a mission to see happiness, health and wealth become contagious.

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