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If you’re like 90% of the population, you have a tendency to blame some friend that seems “have it out” for you. It feels like they’re deliberately trying to hold you back, or at the very least, trying to sabotage your success. So you sit there feeling angry, frustrated, deflated or maybe even slightly depressed.

You’re probably talking about how nothing ever goes right. You’re probably hanging out with other people who are constantly talking about it too and I would be willing to be that you’re probably even talking about it on Facebook and Twitter!

And as you continue to talk about and focus on all the bad stuff that’s happening, you’re attracting the people that are also talking about it!

Now you’re probably thinking that if you could just get rid of this friend, your life would be so much better – right? But even if you were able to move far, FAR away from this friend, let’s say to another part of the world, another one will take her place almost immediately!

Why? Because the Law of Attraction states “That which is alike unto itself is drawn”. In other words, you will keep attracting people that are a vibrational match to you.

Listen, you can’t rid yourself of all the negative things in the world but what you CAN do is focus your attention on the things that make you feel good. And once you start to feel good, the people, places and events that you used to attract will magically disappear and new, more positive things will begin to show up.

If you only learn one thing from this, let it be this…. Stop beating the drum of what makes you feel bad and start deliberately and intentionally focusing on the things that make you feel good. Start thinking, wouldn’t it be nice “if”, instead of wouldn’t it be terrible “if”. Start looking for things in the past, present and future that make you feel good.

When you realize that you don’t have to justify the fact that you deserve – no, that you were meant – no, that you were BORN to have the best of everything, your entire mindset will change. Suddenly you will begin to expect the good things to flow into your life. You’ll stop worrying about what others think and start focusing on creating the life you were born to live.

You are an amazing human being with so much potential. Use your mind for the purpose of its intention – to Have, Do and Be ANYTHING that you desire. You were BORN with an amazing gift – the gift to create an spectacular life for not only yourself but the entire world! Please, I beg you – share your gift with us. We deserve to know your brilliance!

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Tami is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and former golf tour professional. She is passionate about helping people understand and break through their fears and blocks, therefore creating the life they've always dreamed of.

As a health and wellness business operator, she helps people lose weight, remove toxins and regain the body they were born with. She shares a proven system that renews health while creating financial security for themselves and their families.

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