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Anthony Benson

Many of us are creative life-adventurers that have often, personally and professionally, walked the road less traveled. I maintain that there is a unique and rewarding calling that we are responding to.

A deep part of ourselves desires to shine—to become fully realized—such that, we are compelled to give it birth—ultimately gifting the world with our passion, desire, talents and individual spirit. This is, in great part, the evolution of self.

Embracing, and succeeding at, this evolution of self is best served by incorporating a heart-based life-strategy—one that honors the true essence of who you are, and others, and is complemented by an open mind and open heart—to better serve yourself and the world around you. This belief is reflected in my words below.

“When interacting with the world, endeavor to be open to being open.
Open to possibilities. Open to opportunities.
Open to co-creation. Open to Love.
Being open creates an environment where anything can and usually does happen.”

As part of a heart-based life-strategy—do you have a personal vision? Are you committed to your vision, no matter what life has to offer in the form of challenges, setbacks and successes? It’s imperative that you have a vision—a view beyond the horizon.

What do you see for yourself? What’s important to you and what’s not? What makes you and your dreams unique? Where do you see yourself in terms of living your dreams in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and beyond?

The value of vision—is to be true to yourself, no matter what the circumstances and whatever the rewards—enabling yourself to map the present and future—and help you navigate the sometimes uncharted, sometimes lonely and often challenging waters of life—thus strengthening your position and holding your course, so to speak.

Vision is the light in the darkness—the beacon of strength that will help carry you towards true self-realization and empowerment.

It’s also imperative to trust yourself and your ongoing ever-changing process. Like any good roller coaster ride, life offers many ups and downs, unforeseen twists and turns, some more severe than others. But, also like any really good roller coaster ride, and all the fear and nervous excitement it creates, the ride eventually smoothes out and everything ultimately ends up OK.

In life, there is always turmoil, tough decisions, lean times, moments of indecision and surprises. So it is incumbent on you to trust the process, concentrate on your contribution and try not to control the results.

Dedication, focus, trust and passion are the cornerstones of continued personal growth. I encourage you to trust yourself as you travel your path and embrace all that you encounter.

Remember—you are only responsible for the effort—not the outcome and you are never given more than you can handle. Please know that you always have choices and that on any given day you can make these choices anew.

The World is waiting… Open your heart and go for it!

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Anthony J.W. Benson brings creative personal management to his companies injoi Creative and injoi Music, as well as his clients, with his extensive production and project development background. Born in London, England, his over thirty year career in the field of personal growth, communications and the entertainment industry has encompassed varied horizons, from conceptual development to public relations, marketing and promotion to music and video production, including involvement with numerous social causes and international media events.

Considered by his peers and colleagues as an expert networker, creative business strategist and communications specialist, Anthony incorporates his finely honed skills and serves as a conduit—connecting people, places, products and ideas—ultimately bridging new possibilities and opportunities for his diverse and ever-expanding client base.

Prior to his move to the southwest, where he currently resides, Anthony served as the Director of A&R, and acted as the Minister of Excitement for the respected music label Tambourine Inc., spearheading the music for the first ever National Geographic World Music CD line.

A popular guest on many radio and television shows throughout the United States, Anthony has appeared on WCCO, The Paul Gonzales Show, The Wisdom Channel and FOX TV. He has also been featured as an authority in his field in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Minneapolis Star and Tribune, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota Law & Politics, The Twin Cities Reader and Healthfile.

As an esteemed writer, he’s penned inspiring stories for the best selling books "Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Teenage Soul", and "More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul", as well as serve as a regular contributor and columnist to Miracle Journeys and The EDGE.

He currently acts as founder of injoi Creative and injoi Music, unique forums for artistic, client, project, and product development. Always seeking new and challenging business opportunities he serves as Manager, Music Advisor, Life Enhancement Coach, Marketing and Communications Consultant and Producer for a few select clients.

Anthony resides in New Mexico, and when not blinded by the stunning sunsets, he is occasionally found gasping for air at 10,000 feet atop the craggy peaks of the breathtaking Sandia Mountains.

Anthony is available for speaking engagements and workshops and consults to individuals and businesses at all levels of personal, business and music career development.

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