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4 Ways To Become The Captain Of Your Life

1. Get it started, then get it right... Dreaming of something is one thing, but taking action is quite another. It took me more than 15 years to gather the skills, strength and courage to start Venissimo Cheese. And when I did, it sure wasn't perfect. But the sheer adventure of building something from scratch was the most incredible experience of my life. Of course I love what we have become (we're continually striving to get it right). But I truly treasure the memories and exhilaration of getting there. Wouldn't you rather lie on your death bed thinking, "I'm glad…

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Are You Saying Yes To Life?

I continually advocate how essential it is to do the inner work and have the courage to face your inner demons when that may be the last place you wish to go because of the anticipated pain. For me, it has been about looking at all the ways I am still playing small and hiding out instead of showing up and claiming my destiny. Sometimes we play the "What if..." game when dealing with fear about change. I can understand why the inner journey can feel intimidating and scary. It's unpredictable and invites a lot of change. The unknown brings…

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