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I continually advocate how essential it is to do the inner work and have the courage to face your inner demons when that may be the last place you wish to go because of the anticipated pain. For me, it has been about looking at all the ways I am still playing small and hiding out instead of showing up and claiming my destiny.

Sometimes we play the “What if…” game when dealing with fear about change. I can understand why the inner journey can feel intimidating and scary. It’s unpredictable and invites a lot of change. The unknown brings up lots of questions and concerns that are all fear -based. We worry about, “Will I be ok? Am I strong enough to handle the pain I anticipate? What if I don’t like what I see/find? Am I good enough/smart enough to be successful?” I could go on….

I know I’m connected to my spirit when I feel the peace regardless of what my mind is saying to the contrary. It is the calming presence within me that gives me the courage to step into the unknown with the faith that I will be ok.

Below are the statements I enthusiastically declare out loud. I invite you to create your own.

  • I say YES to fully living my destiny even if I feel afraid
  • I say Yes to BECOMING the vision God has for my life even if I feel inadequate or unworthy
  • I say Yes to allowing whatever is ready to be healed and transformed in an easy and delightful way
  • I say yes to joyfully sharing my gifts, talents, qualities, strengths, and capacities with others and the world
  • I say YES to giving my heart a greater voice in speaking my truth
  • I say YES to receiving all of the miracles, gifts, and blessings that have my name on it
  • I say YES to releasing struggle and lack
  • I say YES to ease and flow
  • I say YES to becoming who I am meant to be and fulfill what I am here to do

Remember Michael Beckwith’s motto for Life Visioning: “I am willing… I am ready… I am available to more good than I have ever imagined or experienced at any time in my life.”

Do you have the courage to say yes to the life you are meant to live?

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Founder of Powerfull-Living, Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen is a spiritual minister, life coach, published writer, inspirational speaker and radio broadcaster who is recognized as a cutting-edge expert in her field. For over 20 years, Lorraine has inspired and empowered thousands of spiritually-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches, and leaders to awaken to their innate power to become deliberate creators in all areas of their lives. Seen as a Beacon of Light, she guides people to find their way home to "who they are" so they can hear and follow the callings of their souls.

An expert in Transforming Fear into Power and removing barriers to success, she helps people shift from being a victim of their circumstances to being the hero of their own life story.

Her warm and engaging presentation style makes her a sought after public speaker, media guest, and workshop leader engaging audiences on business development, personal transformation and spirituality topics. Visit to learn more about Lorraine's services, success products, and programs.

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