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Live your truth and follow your heart, love yourself and love your life because with love in your soul, you will never, ever, fail….
Unlock your potential, unleash your greatness, and tap into Heaven’s resources which are within you–yes, YOU!
Knowing I can inspire a beautiful day within myself first is the most powerful tool I have to inspire a beautiful life – day by day.
We are quick to point out the flaws of others, but reluctant to celebrate their success. Do the opposite and you will master the power of positive reinforcement.
Admit what you want without hesitation and give yourself full permission to attract it as you go about the business of living your life.
If every action you made had loving intentions, if every move we made was born of love, the world would be healed, the world would be whole.
When a lamp gets unplugged, its light goes out. But the electricity that can fuel it is still there waiting for the lamp to be plugged back in. Inner Peace can absolutely be your experience in the midst of struggle, pain, fear and sadness – the darkness of your life does not affect your access to your inner Light.
When you come to terms with your own death, everything else in life is easy.
The only difference between those who are doing it and those who aren’t doing it is that those who are doing it… are doing it!
When you can love your memories of the past, your experience of the present, and your hopes for the future, you remove all impedance to possibility.
The only reason we want to understand our problems is because we are planning to have them again.
To live the life you deserve, you must get to know who you really are.
Flap your butterfly wings now, without hesitation, before your mind has a chance to whip out its caterpillar ID card!
When failure is not an option, any walls you hit are a mere challenge that needs a solution. And when you keep looking, there is always, always a solution.
To reach the finish lines of your dreams, just start.
It’s not how long you live, it’s how you choose to live your life that leaves a LEGACY.
Do one thing everyday that makes someone else happy.
It isn’t personal. Whatever pain or heartbreak you’re experiencing at the hands’ of another person, remind yourself of this truth. It will bring you peace.
If you are dissatisfied, no one and nothing can produce contentment for you. If you are satisfied, you bring your satisfaction to the moment and fill the circumstances of your life with that satisfaction.
There is real power in looking back in order to look forward.
Achieving world peace begins with each of us taking the steps necessary to reach a place of inner peace by loving and empowering ourselves.
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