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You are the answer to someone else’s prayer.
I never see failure as failure, but as the path I will not take in the further journey towards my greatness.
Live, laugh, love! My message to the world is to just chill, go through life with grace and ease, and let our Higher Power work his magic.
Money isn’t the answer to living a successful life.
Life is too short to live just for the weekend.
The best way to insure a bright future for ourselves and the world is for each of us to live an inspired life.
Enjoying the journey leading to your goal is as important as achieving your goal.
Turn Stress into Strength.
It’s time to reclaim your birthright of ease and joy once more. Even though you may have departed from Easy World, it is always ready to welcome you home.
Intelligence and intellect are close stable mates, however one is a hacker and the other a thoroughbred.
Live for today… make it count!
To truly access all of the power and magic of your limitless self, simply cultivate a curious spirit and watch the possibilities open to you!
Taste and see that life is good.
Let learning, sharing and loving ignite your passion for life and self-transformation.
If you say that you would love to do something, it is your responsibility to make it happen.
As my outside ages, my intention is to become stunningly beautiful on the inside.
Being fully present is the best guarantee for a bright future.
My fears don’t define me- they only hold me back from being me. My dreams define me and my willingness to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears – that is what defines me.
World peace begins at home.
To be in your body is to be present to be present is to be connected to the Divine.
Whatever scares you, go do it. Whatever drains you, stop doing it!
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