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I may only be 13 years old and to some, that may not be lot of years to absorb experience and wisdom. Yet I have endured more than some people have experienced in their lifetime. What matters most in this world is to make a difference and to inspire others.

I suffer from a speech disability which renders me unable to communicate like everyone else. I have a hard time getting my words out quickly and most people judge me as a person as soon as I open my mouth to speak. I have fallen victim to bullying by peers, teachers and professionals.

There were times when I felt like giving up and that there were no solutions and resolutions. I started to withdraw and did not want to be a part of social situations, camp and extra curricula activities.

Then one day a miracle happened. I found my voice through rap. It was then that I decided I had two options – I could let the ridicule of others get to me or to stand up and make a difference in my life and others.

Take action. My way is rapping about things that mattered with messages that were strong, like anti bullying, loving your haters and coming to terms with obstacles in your life, and living your life to the fullest.

If you want something bad enough, you cannot let anything get in the way with making your dream a reality. The more people teased me or doubted me fueled me to push and try harder. They became my inspiration to succeed. I began to realize that my message created a voice for others going through similar problems and things.

Inspire others to understand that if you try hard enough, you really can achieve your hopes and dreams. We really are all the same inside and just because we may look different or talk different, it should not really separate us from the reality of the fact that we are all trying to achieve the same human goals.

Always remember, if you are being bullied, the most important thing is to be positive, keep your head up high, stay true to yourself and always love who you are. Also have a strong support system with friends and family.

Never doubt yourself and realize it is usually the people who are bullying that have the issues and the real problems. Always be kind and respect others, take the high road, genuinely care and realize that we are all the same. I embrace my haters react with kindness.

My message is to never give up, your dreams can become a reality, and when one day is bad, the next may be a miracle so never stop believing in yourself and follow your dreams to whereever they may take you!

I am just a kid with a dream! Lil JaXe

“All of our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

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Lil JaXe has struggled with a significant stutter all his life, but when he raps the stutter disappears. Despite being teased by fellow students and teachers since his first day of school, JaXe’s motivation, artistic passion and raw talent has won him not only the respect of his peers but has grabbed the attention of music industry executives. Whether performing for a crowd or for his idol Drake, 13 year old Lil JaXe is a confident young man who has found his calling as an artist and a means to combat a stutter that once plagued him. He now speaks and preforms at charities , like the September WE day event in Toronto before 30,000 people.

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