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2009- A Time For Giving

Happy New Year! As we enter into a brand new year, I’d like to share a short story with you in the hopes that it will remind you of what you already know. A few months ago I volunteered to help the homeless. As we were preparing goodie bags to distribute, a young homeless man walked in. He was ragged, thin, unshaven and looked like he’d had more than a few rough nights. We assumed he was here to ask for something from us. He approached our group, smiled, told us his name was Josh and asked how he could… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Gaby Cora

Inspired Interview: Karon Gibson

Inspired Interview: Phil Bolsta

Inspired Interview: A Christmas Message from Gail Lynne Goodwin

Christmas Eve Blessings To You

This is a different kind of blog on this beautiful Christmas Eve, I’m doing something I’ve never done before- spending Christmas Eve alone. The kids are spending the holiday with the other side of the family, my husband is flying, and the other family that was coming canceled at the last moment for health reasons. And you know what? It’s still a beautiful evening. I’ve had invitations to join friends, but I’m choosing to stay in, hang with Koda, and be reflective of the beauty on the season. Tonight is such a magical night filled with possibility. Not only is… Read more.

I’m Grateful!

It feels so wonderful when everyone is in the holiday spirit, that recently I’ve started a new habit to keep that feeling around throughout the year. When someone asks me the traditional question, “How are you”, I smile and say, “I’m grateful!” Usually they are taken aback, as they are expecting me to just say, “Fine, thank you”. By saying “I’m grateful” out loud, so many good things happen. It is a constant reminder for me of the many blessings in my life for which I am very grateful. The side effects are also remarkable. The person who asked “How… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Gary Renard

Inspired Interview: Heather Dominick

Flying Without an Airplane!

The past few days I’ve felt like I’m flying- and we haven’t even started our flight around the world on our Global Hug Tour yet! The synchronicity of life is kicking into full gear. Things are lining up so fast and the world is spinning, but all in a very good way. I’m blown away each day by the serendipity of life. Each day I continue to position myself to be lucky and it just keeps showing up! Today I was reminded how all of this started. Just one short month ago, my husband and I had a visioning session… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Emily Schreiber

The Waves of Life

Yesterday we visited the Bubbling Pool on the windward side of Jost Van Dyke, in the BVI. The Bubbling Pool is a natural rock formation along the coastline that creates the best Jacuzzi one could ever imagine. Add winter weather with northern swells and high tide, and we were set for an amazing experience. The coastline breaks just enough to allow the full force of the water to come in through a sluice-like opening, that creates a very concentrated, very powerful blast of water.  The resulting effect is like being a t-shirt inside of a washing machine; constantly pounded with… Read more.

Life’s a Beach- in the British Virgin Islands

As you know, we’re still in the British Virgin Islands. As you also may have guessed, my normal life is very full of tasks, projects and exciting business ventures that I love. I’m always busy and rarely slow down. I came down here to sail, relax and write.  Well, two out of three isn’t too bad, is it? I haven’t found the time to write quite yet. I’ve actually taken off for the last few days – no email, no telephone- and decided to be a human BEING rather than a human DOING. Instead of reading email I’ve been watching… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Jackie Lapin

Inspired Interview: Edward Saugstad

Listening through the Storms

We’re in the British Virgin Islands, enjoying a bit of vacation and writing time for me. We are blessed to have a beautiful sailboat named Abundance that is our home away from home. The winter often brings northern swells, high seas and cooler temperatures. Yesterday I woke up after a stormy night on board the boat, moored in the Bight, off Norman Island.  It was if Mother Nature was ridding herself of the last remnants of wind and rain from hurricane season. The morning skies were ominous and I heard a voice warning me that we were going to lose… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Jack Canfield

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