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“Why do I always feel lonely? Everyone underestimates me, but I am here for some purpose, I know…. But my silence keeps people from talking to me.” ~ Arun, Delhi, India

Hello Arun,

You are not alone. Loneliness is a universal human emotion, complex and unique to each individual. Loneliness is not necessarily about being alone, but more about the perception of being alone.

Separation, isolation and loneliness are enormous challenges for any human being. These feelings can be devastating to physical and mental health. What causes separation, this profound feeling of loneliness and isolation that so many struggle with daily? The answer is simple… FEAR.

We are so afraid of being hurt or judged that we often would rather suffer than to take a risk and be honest about who we really are – our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our disappointments, our joys, and the multitude of other parts of our inner-lives.

Each individual on the road trip of life is not just a participant but you contribute to the energy of everyone you meet. You, because of who you are, born in this world, because of how you were brought up, because of who you were perhaps in a previous lifetime.  Everything that you have seen, everything that you have lost and everything that you have won in your life.

And those moments of high courage dotted through your past, moments of insight and epiphany bring you to today being the only person on the planet that has the energy you do, the only person on the planet that channels energy like you do.  If we were made up of an orchestra inside, each of us would give off a different song, and your music is not only important for you in the world, it is important for everybody else.

Blogging may allow everything in your heart to come out through the keyboard, a very natural state to allow you to communicate what you feel is true and important.

Kevin Cahill

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Kevin is an international best selling author, change management specialist and motivational speaker. A native of Ontario, Canada, Kevin holds a biomedical science degree and in the past worked his way to the top 1% of financial planners by qualifying for the Million Dollar Roundtable since his first year in business.

Now Kevin inspires men and women alike, as someone who has mastered the art of resilience and hope, Kevin’s philosophy is a self-professed clarity builder is strategic and results driven.

Kevin has risen to the top and also faced some challenges that changed the trajectory of his life and career. He is now dedicated to helping individuals and teams flourish as they navigate through changing amid often-turbulent times.

His signature message and program The Change Revolution provides a blueprint for those navigating through change and achieving great results.

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