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“I am sad about my marriage of 40 years being over. I have tried so hard to save it but we are just on different vibrations. What do I do with my negative thoughts when they come up??” ~ Kathy Rose, Los Angeles, CA

Firstly, Kathy, I would ask that you be loving and kind to yourself. Coming to this realization is not an easy one and I am sure it is not a decision you have taken lightly.

Forgiveness of yourself and of your spouse is helpful. Knowing that you have tried and you are both taking the best step forward to be happy and for your Highest Good. Whatever that step may be.

My favorite tool for forgiveness is Ho’oponopono because it is easy and shifts energy verrrry quickly. I look at it as your 3rd Dimensional self saying it for your soul – who always KNOWS you are perfect. Similarly, when you say it for your husband, know that he, too is doing the best he can from his own state of awareness.

The Ho’oponopono prayer is: I Love You, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You. I would suggest saying it for yourself and for your husband any time you find negativity creeping in.

Again, being kind and loving to yourself is the MOST important. Our self talk can be very self deprecating. When you find yourself in that state, congratulate yourself for finding yourself there – awareness is key.

Another way to change your energy is to try and think of a positive affirmation that rings true to you about the situation. For example, “I am so grateful to be honoring myself by taking the best step towards my happiness and well being.” Something that FEELS right and that you can say quickly to shift your attention.

I hope these two suggestions help, and I wish you and your husband well on the next steps on your journey.

Sending Love,

Jenny Mannion

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Jenny Mannion is originally from NYC and now lives in Upstate NY.  In successfully eliminating her symptoms of several chronic diseases in under one month, she found her path to healing. She has since written over 200 articles on healing naturally. She works with clients as a mind/body mentor and healing practitioner using Reconnective Healing.  She also reads and clears Akashic Records for people and properties. Most recently, she has authored the book, A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life which guides readers through 30 very short and easy exercises to transform their lives.

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