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“I find the world to be filled with sadness, and sometimes, I honestly don’t want to be here. I’ve tried anti-depressants but I don’t like the side effects. I’d like to take control of my life and change my attitude, but I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?” ~ John, Boulder, CO

Dear John,

First, you’re right to have stopped taking the anti-depressants. They do cause unwelcome side effects and they do nothing to get to the root of depression.

My answer to this question might surprise you somewhat, but firstly I’d advise looking at ways you can give more of yourself, to your local community, to your loved ones, and not forgetting yourself! Giving love is a great place to start, as love is the highest energetic vibration that exists. When we love, we literally change our vibration, and it’s not a place where depression can survive.

If you’re unsure you can get to that place of love, then start meditating every day. Sit in silence and look inside yourself for a short time – perhaps 10 minutes – and then increase this time by a minute each day until you can comfortably meditate for 30 minutes. As you begin to connect closer with Source and your higher Self, you will naturally feel more loving.

You can incorporate meditation with sending Love to people in your life simply by imagining a soft pink light shooting from your heart into their heart. Really feel the loving as you do this, and that’s really all it takes.

As you start to feel less depressed, and happier, you could then move on to doing some volunteer work at a local hospital, or at a community center that needs your help.

And don’t forget to review your diet and ensure you are eating healthy and nutritious foods, as well as getting plenty of physical exercise. These are all aspects that will get to the bottom of depression so that you feel the happiness and joy that is your birthright!

Keidi Keating

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Keidi experienced a sudden spiritual awakening at the age of thirty after a series of transformational healing sessions. The mystical chain of events that followed sparked a yearning to learn about the soul and continue her spiritual journey. As a result she grew increasingly intuitive and joyful.

This led to the compilation and launch of The Light: A Book of Wisdom with chapters by 22 luminaries including Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marci Shimoff and more. One hundred percent of the net profit will be donated to seven charities and the goal is to raise one million dollars.

Keidi now writes, edits and publishes books and products which empower people to reawaken their Light within.

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  1. Suppose you give and give, and you still feel there is nothing left to your life? I have read so many books to help myself, but I am at an end. Nothing feels right anymore no matter what I try. Today my revelation is, you create your own little hell, and it seems there s no way out. So you sit and wait until your days are over. I wish they would hurry up.

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