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“Okay all. I’ve been known at times as the “glass is half full person”, but the theory of abundance isn’t saving the Arctic, or the homeless, or the abused. I’m not a hand wringer, though. I put out my voice, take action, and share and donate time and money. I wonder how many of these new age philosophers, pulled themselves up or luckily had access to education or seed money for businesses. There’s a major piece of compassion missing here for everyone who doesn’t believe in new age spiritualism. Is their lack of belief justification for homelessness, being downsized, no medical care, food, clothing? Please respond.” ~ Michelle

Michelle, thanks for your question. I have had the good fortune to interview some of the most amazing people in the world for, and some of the things that unite all of the them are their compassion and their strong desire to help others.

First, I can tell you from personal experience and from listening to the stories of countless Luminaries, that no one goes through life without adversity. We all deal with it in some form or another, but what makes us different from one another, is how we choose to react when life smacks us in the face. If you’ve read any of my blogs or listened to the interviews featured on our site, there are many luminaries featured who have come through hard times- me included. Personally, I gone through unemployment, bankruptcy, rape, divorce (2 of them!), while living in 10 states over the last 25 years…. and it wasn’t until I embraced some of these principles that my life turned around. Abundance is all around us- we just have to be open to it and see it before it shows up, or what I call “celebrating in advance”.

If I understand you correctly, you’re asking how people can talk about having abundance in their lives- and how easy it is to manifest, when the world is full of greed and people are starving. I get it. It’s a real quandary for many. We struggle with the balance of abundance, and many folks with whether or not they are deserving of wealth when so many are hurting.

I believe the best thing we can do is to have an open heart and an abundant attitude. In other words, create your vision and go for the things you want in life- material and otherwise. Your taking a deep breath of air doesn’t diminish my ability to do so too. Abundance is the same way, in that it is here for all of us. One person creating it in their life doesn’t mean that we can’t, and vice versa.

You’re right in that some people don’t have the desire or the ability to learn and practice these principles and they live a life of need. The best thing we can do to help them is to create abundant lives for ourselves (so we don’t use the resources for those truly in need), and also, to reach out to help those less fortunate. A homeless person’s lack of belief is not justification for being homeless, but rather, an opportunity for those who are blessed with abundance to teach and to share. The more abundance we create in our lives, the more we have to share with others.

I should also point out that being financially well off and living a life of abundance are not the same thing. Those that truly live a life of abundance are not greedy, for they understand that giving is an equally important part of receiving.

Sometimes it does seem counter-intuitive to “think happy thoughts” when you’re not, or feel abundant when your bank account is empty. But I can promise you that if you’re able to “fake it until you make it”, it works. Studies have proven that when you celebrate life in advance, good things come your way.

I hope this answers your question.



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  1. Dear Gail,
    I loved this post. As you know, my personal mission to globally educate, entertain, and inspire. One quote, you wrote, stuck out to me because of my years of work with the Homeless Children’s Education Fund; wherein, I have raised over $35,000 and have had many opportunities to help directly in the shelters:
    “A homeless person’s lack of belief is not justification for being homeless, but rather, an opportunity for those who are blessed with abundance to teach and to share. The more abundance we create in our lives, the more we have to share with others.”
    – Gail Lynn Goodwin
    I feel blessed to have the opportunities to serve the children and their mommies who may not be able to help themselves currently. Thank you for the beauty of your site and heart. I look forward to listening to the recording of the interview we did which will be featured on Dec. 26th on Thank you and have an abundant New Year!
    Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Author of Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet, Professor, and Global Inspirational Speaker

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