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“I struggle with meditation, my mind is always going.  How can I get to that place where I have no thoughts?” ~ Martin, Tulsa, OK
Forget about stopping your mind and all those racing thoughts.  For me, my meditation practice serves the magical purpose of celebrating my life.  It is the opportunity for me to get fully present with the 60 trillion+ cells twinkling inside of me and simply be with my breath.
Instead of trying to shut your thoughts off, distract or entertain your mind in a positive way by giving it a technique to focus on. For me, I love to practice all sorts of different breathing techniques, sound toning and inner body exploration.
When your mind has something to focus on (which is all it ever needs in life), you’ll soon find yourself accessing deeper spaces of peace and a calmer state of being.
If you need any techniques, there are lots of resources on my website as well as on this incredible machine known as “The Internet!”
Brad Morris
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I help creative, entrepreneurial, freedom-seekers who are on a seriously awesome mission to share their gifts, serve the world and build a meaningful business that aligns with their passions to get clear, intentional & focused so they can create what they actually want in life.

I have consciously crafted my freedom lifestyle to align with everything I love most. I live in paradise on a small island with my wife and I am actively pursuing my life-long dream of playing professional golf. The way I fund my lifestyle is by creating transformatonial eCourses which have reached people in 27+ countries, producing comedy + music marketing videos with my best friends in my home studio and by coaching leaders and world-changers to rock their gifts and (#GSD) Get Shit Done while having fun!

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