Art Markman

Looking Back to Move Forward

There are all kinds of strategies for thinking about time that aim to inspire. We often look forward in order to envision the life we want and then use that aspiration to create a plan to create our future. Of course, we are also cautioned to “live in the present” so that we do not allow precious hours to slip away. After all, tomorrow never comes, it is always today. But, I would like to suggest a different orientation. At least once a year, it is important to take a lesson from research on regret. When you ask young people…

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How to Discover Your Worthiness

This moment, right now, is all that you can truly know. Regardless of what you may have done in your past, or the fears that you may have of the future, give thanks that you are here now. You are beautiful and deserve to know the gift that you are to the world. Honor the mistakes you have made, for everyone makes them, but seek the lessons that they may have to teach you. There is only one you. No matter how many people you compare yourself to, or how much you try to please others, no one can ever…

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Revel in This Moment

Breathe in the Adventure of Life! Do not waste a single precious day or moment. Unplug from your technology, get off of Facebook and LIVE. Become the channel for Life to be expressed through you. Let go of those silly fears of what others might think about you when you dance, sing, love openly, laugh out loud, speak honestly and do exactly what your Heart tells you to do. Show those self judgements that tell you can't do it, that you CAN! This life will come and go quickly which means we need to Live Here Now. Do not let…

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