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Simran Singh is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and humorist in the realms of metaphysics, spirituality and inspiration. She is the award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine and hosts #1 syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio on Voice America 7th Wave. Globally reaching hundreds of thousands of individuals with passionate wisdom, Simran
is known to assist individuals in understanding the conversation the Universe is having with every individual.

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You Are The Journey

What if we have had it all wrong? What if you are not on a journey and have never been? What if there is no end destination? What if one tiny shift in perception and attitude could lead to full radiance, illumination and brilliance? Here it is... You are not on a journey... YOU ARE THE JOURNEY. Have you bought into an idea that you are here to reach something, set goals, live out an agenda and attain status? Do you create intentions and repeat affirmations? Are you running forward, trying to escape the things that are behind you, aspiring…

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