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What if we have had it all wrong?

What if you are not on a journey and have never been?

What if there is no end destination?

What if one tiny shift in perception and attitude could lead to full radiance, illumination and brilliance? Here it is…

You are not on a journey… YOU ARE THE JOURNEY.

Have you bought into an idea that you are here to reach something, set goals, live out an agenda and attain status? Do you create intentions and repeat affirmations? Are you running forward, trying to escape the things that are behind you, aspiring to shine forth the best self?

You already do. You see… the ember sits in the dark. Light cannot be seen in Light. It must begin in the dark, a molten beginning that grows, radiating outward to fill the space of all it has yet to know. We are the expanse of all that happens to us and through us, within us and out of us… because of us, and beyond what we know ourselves to be.

You are not a human being; this is a spacesuit that you wear. It has whistles and whirs, organs and sensory mechanisms, to lead and guide you as conversations. You are not a spiritual being having a human experience. If that were true, then we remain just as separate when we pass over. That does not make sense, does it?

So, what is beyond separation? Where does everything unite? It would be Oneness… an energetic space of Love, Radiance, Power, Illumination, Brilliance… What would that Oneness mass-desire, by expressing as individuations of form? The answer… ‘Experience’ experience itself.

You are Light, Sound and Color embodied as a being. Why? You are ‘experience’ experiencing itself. This would mean there is no right/wrong, good/bad, perfection or imperfection… all is simply experience.

In that place of seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and tasting the experience called life, how can any of it be a mistake? We cannot possibly make a wrong turn. Throughout the entire story of your life, you have been experiencing the self and the SELF.

Each one of us is a seed of beginning, a lotus bulb in the murky depths of the dark. We each have pushed upward through the muck and mire, through the dark and toward the sunlight. We each, in our own time, burst into the warmth of the sun. And, we each have the chance to rest upon the calm waters, in the full blossoming of a lotus that has discovered another way of being… another experiencing.

Allow each breath to be in deep reverence, inhaling every experience that you are, holding the breath of every experience you have been, exhaling the experience you choose in each moment and holding the space for all experiences to come. You are Light… you have always been. Be enlightened that it has all been for your Divine experience of the Light that you are.

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Simran Singh is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and humorist in the realms of metaphysics, spirituality and inspiration. She is the award-winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine and hosts #1 syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio on Voice America 7th Wave. Globally reaching hundreds of thousands of individuals with passionate wisdom, Simran
is known to assist individuals in understanding the conversation the Universe is having with every individual.

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  1. Beautiful! article! to read in the morning 🙂 She is blessed to inspire us and lift us up! but I still believe we are spiritual beings experimenting with a human body though, but that’s just my opinion<3

    1. Yes It is Nancy. But like you, I to believe that we are a spiritual being, experiencing a human experience. That is a good analogy to.

      1. And beyond both of those?… Is it possible that it would be Oneness and why would Oneness choose its individuality through spiritual being and human being? Because Oneness might actually be Experience Experiencing Itself… and to do so in involution the pathway would have to be spiritual being… and to do so for evolution, the pathway would be that of human being… and in truly relishing both, we discover they are both levels of ‘experience’ for that which desired to experience itself in the first place… the Allness, the Every Thing and the Nothingness. Much Love… In Love, Of Love, With Love, As Love… Simran

  2. This is a good inspiration. I like the analogy of it. I do have my experience of life. But do believe that I’m a spiritual being. I lived in the dark for most of my life. Came into the light, and just take a look at my past experience, to become more spiritual every day. I get more comfortable in my skin, as human. I always wondered why/how did I become human.Where did I come from, before I become human? Now if you Simian could tell me that, I would read your books, and believe you. Like Nancy said, it’s just my opinion.

    1. This is such an interesting discussion. Yes, I am with you too Patrick but never closing the door to new insight, I have to say Simran’s words are pretty thought provoking. One thing that concerns me about your own comments is that you seem to believe you are not fully ‘spiritual’ at the moment. Isn’t what is really happening to you – a spiritual awakening rather than spirit ‘in the making?’ The latter suggests that you don’t consider yourself complete – a lesser ‘being’ ? But you do have everything and as you seem to have been doing – just finding yourself.

      1. Thank you both… Do read my reply above to nancy and Patrick… And I go deeply into how i came to these understandings for myself and ‘Conversations With The Universe’ thoroughly and richly lays it out. ‘Your Journey To Enlightenment’ then lets us move from our known selves into the Unknown Self. My apologies… to answer that is more than what I can say here and an experience in itself. 🙂 Lovingly,

  3. Wonderful article! Thank you Simran. Your book “Conversations with the Universe” was most helpful to me.

  4. ! My highest accolades to the beautiful soul : Simran Singh !
    Your message is wonderful. All your words are put into the right place ( in the psyche and the heart ) in mind . Where our brain needs to have an awakening experience … where you can experience a sense tuned awareness ( AWARENESS WITHOUT PREJUDICE ) but a pure consciousness, where every soul in human body it acts maturely .
    A great sage named in the first century Yahshua said, Ye are the light of the world Mt 5, 14
    This concuenrda Simran with the message ;
    1. You is not fly … YOU ARE THE JOURNEY .
    2.You is not a human being … You are the light , sound and color as a being made ​​.
    Three . You are not a spiritual being having a human experience … You are the light , sound and color as being made ​​…. you are the “experience” experiencing itself .
    Much love , life, light and health to all souls of great value in this site and in the world.

  5. Love the idea of being Experience itself….that I am not bound to my body or spirit. I am never ending expansion of experience, flowing with part of all that is. THANKS SIMRAN! xox

  6. I so love and agree with your words, you continue to inspire us, thank you.
    And I like the discussion, all our believes and opinions are two sides of the one coin, different points of view which makes the experiencing all the more unique for and to each one of us, as the one 🙂
    I’ll let you untangle that. Lovenlight, Michelle

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