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Achim Nowak is an international authority on presence and interpersonal connection. His first two books--Infectious and Power Speaking--have become essential leadership development tools with Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs. Achim's work integrates a wealth of experience in the personal transformation field, actor training, conflict resolution, and spiritual practice. He has been featured on 60 Minutes, NPR, Fox News, and in the Miami Herald. His weekly Energy Boost message offers practical tools for creating an energized life and has a devoted following across the globe. Achim lives in Miami, Florida.

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Recent Releases

THE MOMENT: A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World by Achim Nowak New Page Books • December 21, 2015 • ISBN: 978-1632650221• $14.99

Allow Today to Unfold as it Should

Embrace what is. Let go of any notion of what should be. You believe in the power of positive thought. You have learned to anchor yourself in the morning. You pray. You meditate when you rise. You do your yoga stretches. You envision the graceful unfolding of your day, a day in which you experience joy and are of service to the world. These are all terrific habits. Sometimes, however, the universe has other things in store. Better yet, sometimes what the universe has planned for us is better than anything we have envisioned for ourselves. Even if what unfolds does not…

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