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“I know that I create my own reality with my thoughts, but sometimes when I’m sad I can’t seem to change my thoughts – even when I want to. How to I start to take control of my life?” ~ Evelyn, Jacksonville, FL
Dear Evelyn,
There was a time I felt the same way you did. But a family member I trusted “SNAPPED” me out of it. Soon I realized that the sadness I was feeling was just an emotion I was internalizing.
In other words, I was investing too much time into feeling sad until I clearly saw that I could choose a less depressing thought. I found I could reverse engineer my happiness.  I could focus on being happy.
Then one day I got it, as I turned the light switch on. That’s when I realized I controlled the switch. Just like I can control the light by turning it on or off… I can control my happiness by turning on my SMILE.
Every time I smiled, I felt happier. When I laughed, danced or sung a song, I felt even happier — and so can you when you do these things!
Deremiah CPE
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From humble beginnings out of the dark Chicago public housing projects, through the divorce of his parents and welfare lines, Deremiah *CPE has emerged as a champion. Truly he is one of this country's foremost thinkers and a powerful inspirational speaker.

Known by some of his clients as the Customer Passion Evangelist, Deremiah *CPE is one of the nation's most engaging and entertaining inspirational speakers. He often performs life-changing miracles for his audiences. In less than four years, Deremiah *CPE has done over 500 life-changing presentations in more than 200 separate industries, including corporations and non-profit organizations. He has had successful careers as a consultant in the security industry with both Tyco's ADT and SBC Ameritech's SecurityLink.

Successfully ranking in the top 100 in the nation, Deremiah *CPE was chosen by customers and employees as one of the leading security experts in the country when he became the recipient of the "President's Ambassador Award.” This award is the most difficult to receive, especially by sales and marketing consultants because it is only given to the top employees of the company who handle their internal and external customers with exceptional class and outstanding customer service. Out of 7,000 people, only 10 employees receive this award annually, ranking Deremiah *CPE in the top 1% of his company. That is an amazing achievement and at the same time uncommon among today's workforce.

A multi-talented speaker and author, Deremiah *CPE proves again and again that with desire, determination and diligence you can win!

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