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“I have a dream to move to the West Coast. Every time I try to follow my dream, I hear that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I can’t achieve this, and I stop making plans. How can I overcome my fears to act?” ~ Lynn, Tampa, FL

Dear Lynn,

Starting something new can seem overwhelming at first. The solution is to do three things:

1. Break your dream down into baby steps. For example, your steps might include researching different cities for lifestyle options and expenses, contacting friends who have experience living in different areas, evaluating potential employers in the area, etc.

2. Take one small action step each day. You might check out just one city or speak with one person.

3. Notice and celebrate your momentum! You’ll start to see things open up quickly as new opportunities are revealed.

Every time that doubtful voice comes up, remind yourself that you’ve done this LOTS of times in the past! You learned how to walk as a baby. You learned how to read. You know how to use a computer. These are all very complicated things that you’ve already mastered so you’ll be able to master this new thing too.

Elaine Starling

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Elaine founded Promise Power because she believes that each person is endowed with a passion and a unique reason for being. As we harness that passion, we can achieve great success—however we choose to define it—and use our talent to help others find the light within themselves. Elaine was inspired to create Promise Power in 2006 when she saw the need for unique tools that help people pay attention to their dreams so they will take action that makes them come true. Her determination to inspire millions of women to fulfill their promises drives Elaine to share her experiences and learning.

With over 23 years of international advertising experience, Elaine started Starling Media Services, Inc. to support clients who need strategically integrated media and marketing plans. She brings a strong customer focus to her work and delights in engaging stakeholders to create innovative solutions that address specific challenges. Her clients range from high tech to consumer goods, video games, and business-to-business firms.

Elaine has served as President and Board Member of Women In Consulting and is actively involved in the American Marketing Association. An engaging public speaker and prolific author, Elaine has written numerous articles and is currently working on her book, Maximize Your Promise Power.

To fulfill her own promise, Elaine and her husband moved to the Sierra foothills where she hikes, cares for her vineyard and orchard, and makes wine.

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