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Failing out of college after one semester, Adam von Gootkin chose to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure that has traversed e-commerce, muscle cars and the music industry.

His ancestors were arrested in 1864 for tax evasion on a shipment of moonshine bound for Canada, resulting of the collapse of Chafee & Co Distilling. Undaunted by their demise, the family opened the grand Chafee’s Hotel in Middletown, Connecticut at the dawn of the Roaring 20’s, hosting an opulent and infamous speakeasy. Now, at 32 years young, he and his business partner have resurrected his family moonshine legacy over 150 years after its inception, successfully introducing the world to the first ultra premium all-American moonshine, Onyx Moonshine.

He has appeared on numerous national and regional media outlets, including Bloomberg, Fox and NBC, and hosted a regular radio show on Howard Stern’s debut radio station, The Rock 106.9. His book, "Living Proof: Onyx Moonshine's Journey to Revive the American Spirit" will be released nationally in Fall of 2015 with the goal to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap of faith and succeed in creating an entrepreneurial life.

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Time for You to Live Vibrantly

Live vibrantly. Now. As quick as you can! Our existence on this planet is for but an instant – the strike of a match, a quick burn, and then it’s extinguished never ever to be reproduced in exactly the same way again. For the brief moment that is your mortal life and you have a choice: The flame that is your spirit can spark a blazing fire, giving light to the world, heat to the people, and spread wildly into something vast and eternal. Or, it can swiftly fade and fizzle out, back to the nothingness from where it came.…

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