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Alayjiah is the author of the inspirational book Girl You Are Worth A Million Dollars. She is also a motivational speaker and the founder and CEO of Extended Blessings, Inc, a non-profit organization for homeless, abused teens.

Alayjiah is a survivor of several horrible crimes but still has joy in her heart. She was an emotionally and sexually abused woman who survived being molested as a child and raped several times. Alayjiah married young to an abusive man who abused her physically, mentally, and spiritually and nearly killed her, but she escaped and vowed to no longer be a victim to her tragedies and refused to give up until she reached success and happiness.

Alayjiah now resides in Florida with her 3 wonderful children and enjoys helping motivate and inspire people to believe in themselves and dream big and never settle for mediocrity.



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Alayjiah Bargnare

Know Your Worth With Optimistic Gratitude

Start each morning off by being grateful for waking up. Say "thank you" for all the stuff you currently have and expect to receive in the future. Focus on all the things you love and how they make you feel. Watch what you think and say because they become your reality. I am a survivor of a few of life's most horrible crimes and I was very bitter and angry for a long time. I had constant negative thoughts and fears that plagued my success. I did not realize God had spared my life through all those situations so I…

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